Aetna Thailand Launches Their New Mobile-Friendly Website

Thailand’s largest specialist insurer and healthcare provider, Aetna Health Insurance Public Company Limited, has launched a new mobile-friendly website, promising to offer its members and customers an enhanced user experience with new, easy-to-use features.

According to Damian Delaney, Managing Director and CEO, Aetna Thailand follow a digital strategy to make its website mobile-friendly, as over 70% of its partners and clients use mobile tools to access its services.

Therefore, some key updates to the site include a responsive and revamped design, a new premium calculation service for health insurance plans, and an improved network search service linked to Google maps with a click-to-call function.

Following a proactive approach to health and wellness, Aetna Thailand has created a new blog section for its website.

It was designed as a self-service resource that provides users with information on how to maintain wellness content for members or non-members, ranging from home health checks and tips on managing stress to why sleep is essential.

“With mobile devices already an integral part of our daily lives, our new mobile-first website and vHealth app, an award-winning virtual health care platform, are increasingly important elements of our omni-channel offering,” Delaney stated.

Aetna’s CEO also invited people to look out for the brand’s further exciting product developments expected to be announced later this year as it targets tech-savvy, health-conscious millennial consumers.

CVS Health company Aetna International is committed to creating a stronger and healthier community by delivering high-quality health care services through comprehensive benefits and solutions.

In a wide range of services, Aetna offers medical, vision, dental and emergency aid, and life and disability (in some countries). It also provides customized technological and health management solutions for health care systems, government entities and large employers to enhance people’s health while containing costs.

Currently, the company serves more than 900,000 members worldwide, including local citizens, ex-pats, and business travelers. Also, Aetna Thailand provides services to more than 282,000 members and more than 2,000 organizations through its nationwide branches and 490-hospital network.