EVA Works in Digital Pilot To Verify COVID-19 Test Results

EVA Air, digital-solution-provider Affinidi and Singapore’s Changi Airport have teamed up in a pilot program that verifies passenger PCR test results for its Singapore-Taipei flights through a digital platform.

The said platform enables quick verification of travelers’ PCR outcome.

The airline has said it had plans to extend the service to flights from Malaysia and Indonesia to Taipei. Besides, the company assured that it is evaluating the introduction of similar digital systems in other routes.

Since it began operations, EVA has spared no effort in safeguarding the health and safety of passengers and crew members.

The company was awarded the recognition by Airline Ratings as one of the “World’s Top Twenty COVID-19 Compliant Airlines”. Furthermore, it has the “Seven Star Certification for COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention,” which reaffirms its commitment to protect people while pursuing the development of different digital verification platforms.

Since the pandemic started last year, EVA began monitoring the development of the digital verification platform.

It also worked on standardizing cross-border applications to connect international systems in order to prevent the further spread of the virus. Moreover, EVA joined other airlines and industry organizations to implement a digital platform to verify PCR test results and vaccine records.

According to EVA, digital verification saved passengers up to 5 minutes of waiting time and avoided human errors derived from individual results interpretation.

Standardized digital health systems are expected to help travelers prove they have received the COVID-19 shot and confirm negative test results to revive the airline industry and increase its operational efficiency.