LINE VDO Call and LINE Meeting Boost LINE’s Popularity

LINE, which has become the most popular chat platform in Thailand, is experiencing exponential growth of over 400% during 2021 thanks to the different high-quality options it offers to work from home and “close the distance.”

After revealing that the adoption of LINE VDO Call and LINE Meeting increased by 400% and 480% respectively since 2021 started, LINE managed to establish itself as the number one instant messaging platform among Thais.

This vertiginous development is linked to the new wave of COVID-19 that the country has been facing since mid-December.

The pandemic has led people to demand more alternatives that allow them to work from home, and LINE has been developing some that let users do their jobs simply and effectively. Additionally, LINE remains one of the best options for keeping people connected with their friends and family at all times.

The appearance of the novel coronavirus and its excessive spread throughout the planet forced people to adopt online tools as their daily support to satisfy their personal communication needs and to comply with their tasks and routines.

When the first outbreak early last year was reported, users started using Group VDO Call again and put their trust in the recently launched Line Meeting for both business and pleasure purposes.

The success of both tools reflects the level of popularity the platform has gained. Besides, it shows the need for users to have alternatives that help them comply with their social and work duties.