Luxury Brands Reach Consumers Through LINE Chat Commerce

As shoppers are increasingly turning to shop online amid the Covid-19 pandemic, LINE Thailand announced that luxury brands have adjusted to its online channels.

With this new location-based strategy, which adjusts the brand’s actions to be in line with locality, international luxury companies with markets in Thailand have started studying and adapting to the local consumer during the New Normal.

Now, people can make their purchases through the LINE chat, which companies have also used to communicate brands, create brand and product awareness, close sales, among others.

Global brands that have created their official LINE account or taken full advantage of the platform to approach the online market include Chanel, Burberry, Cartier, Dior, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tiffany & Co, and Swarovski. They all see LINE as a complete service offering different opportunities to get closer to Thai consumers.

The French fashion house and luxury goods Company Louis Vuitton recently launched a LINE OA and sold stickers to all its customers and fans on the platform, becoming one of the first luxury brands to adapt to chat commerce.

The account now has more than 300,000 friends, including Thais, who are among the first to download the brand’s cool stickers.

Also, during the new and more intense Covid-19 wave, Louis Vuitton has broadcast its fashion shows from Paris through its LINE OA, allowing its Thai customers to watch its shows online.

Another of the world’s most famous luxury brands, Chanel, has moved into chat commerce using LINE as a communication channel to reach its Thai clients.

But the company didn’t just keep its main LINE OA. It also launched additional LINE OA accounts, including Chanel Beauty, to promote its beauty products.

Chanel has also opted for fashion shows streamed directly to Thai viewers via LINE chat since early last year.

Another renowned brand, Cartier, has also sought to facilitate online commerce, running ads on its LINE platform or releasing stickers with eye-catching designs to increase its friend base.

All companies have not focused on traditional marketing to promote their products but on communicating the story behind their brand through their official LINE accounts to connect with consumers.

Moreover, admins can leverage LINE’s functions to chat with interested customers, provide information, and close sales in an immediate, intimate, and personalized way.

Brands aim to provide a similar or even better service than in stores, removing purchase restrictions and allowing customers to get their desired products without risking visiting an actual store.

With such new changes, luxury brands can find great opportunities to meet their current and future customers’ demands, focusing on new generations’ purchasing behaviors and making their products more accessible to the public.