Meta Med: The First Virtual Healthcare Center in Thailand

Meta Med has recently ramped up its efforts to revolutionize the world of medicine into Metaverse-based, innovative services.

They have partnered with Synphaet Hospital and Metaverse Thailand to launch the country’s first alternative medicine center, which aims to address customers’ needs in the digital landscape.

The collaboration follows the “moving life beyond” concept and hopes to reinforce leadership in providing medical services that respond to the global VR (virtual reality) movement rise, including laboratories, imaging centers, pharmacies, and even doctor visits.

With the new offerings, Meta Med expects to integrate existing services with emerging technologies to create a new ecosystem where patients can find solutions and treatment. In addition, the alternative medicine center will be an opportunity for those who want to experience a borderless virtual reality world and enjoy services focused on their comfort in an era led by digital disruption.

Maj. Dr. Thanapong Somkijrungroj, MD CEO Meta Med, described the Metaverse as “seamless” technology, adding that the novel alternative medical center’s launch marks the beginning of the medicine circle’s transition to greater modernity.

“For Meta Med, we are seeing opportunities to apply technology toward addressing the problem of access to medical service, in ways that result in more possibilities than traditional telemedicine,” he said.

“It is a seamless linking of the real and the virtual worlds for the patients, healthcare personnel, and support units, and could be called more simply as Telemedicine Plus,” he added.

But Meta Med has not been designed as just a hospital but as a platform that offers a wide range of medical services and facilitates support services such as hospital resource management, patient follow-up, drugs delivery, medical equipment management, and more.

In the coming years, this alternative health care center will allow patients from across the country to visit any medical center close to them, as it has brought together medical staff, drug stores, diagnostic imaging centers, and all hospitals within the network Synphaet.

Meta Med’s launch has also attracted interest from other leading hospitals and establishments in Thailand, as well as insurance, real estate, transportation, and telecommunications companies.

Although the project’s initial objective is to offer a medical care alternative for individuals within the “digital-first” category or among people who have difficulties visiting the hospital, such as patients with Covid-19, Meta Med hopes to provide comprehensive medical services and become the first option to reach the minds of people seeking health care.

Those who need the service or want to visit Synphaet Hospital in Metaverse only require a smartphone and internet connection – they can also leverage VR/AR technology for a more compelling experience.

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