To improve the use of sustainable materials, a new campaign came out.

The PARQ developed a campaign solely based on managing waste systems differently to highlight the credentials for sustainable development. The ultimate goal is to achieve a circular economy.

A new commitment to a different lifestyle is changing the world of sustainability.

Due to a mix of using workplace integrations, new sustainability standards, and different waste management prices, the PARQ is shining with the new LIVE GREEN LIVE WELL campaign.

Converting food into fertilizer and collecting waste are just two of the management practices.

According to Mr. Kalmonai Chaixanien (Executive Director of TCC Assets), the waste crisis is too important to ignore since Thailand has increased its waste index in the past few years.

As a consequence, the PARQ is meant to help solve many issues regarding waste.

Besides saving costs, the PARQ agrees with the LEED standards and protects everything regarding the occupants’ and visitors’ health (compared to the WELL standard).

By 2050, the Executive Director expects to see substantial changes.

Mr. Kalmonai believes the PARQ will allow Thailand’s carbon corporations to reduce to zero by the year 2050. Although it sounds complicated, it’s a model that’s been specifically designed for that region.

The campaign also has immediate benefits.

Besides reducing the emission of carbon dioxide, the campaign also promotes and ensures the wellbeing and proper environment for the people living in the building. Likewise, it wants to augment all the waste that goes to recycling factories.

Supporters of the campaign believe in creating a greener world.