New Thai Airline ‘EZY’ To Focus on Domestic Flights in the South

A Thai aircraft dealer and technology trading firm, M-Landarch, has launched a new airline aimed at serving short domestic flights in the South, targeting affluent local passengers.

Dhanee Dharapak, the CEO of M-Landarch, mentioned that as an authorized seller and service provider for Cessna turboprop aircraft, the company is well-equipped to operate EZY Airlines.

Founded in 2005 by Mr. Dhanee, M-Landarch started with a capital of 92.7 million baht, focusing on the sale of aviation software and Cessna aircraft within Thailand.

The Department of Business Development reports that last year, M-Landarch achieved a revenue of 296 million baht and a net profit of 13 million baht, accumulating approximately 70 million baht in total profits over five years.

M-Landarch is looking to secure an additional 200 million baht for the incorporation of EZY Airlines this year, with Mr. Dhanee stepping in as both CEO and managing director.

EZY Airlines will operate like a flying shuttle bus and initially start with two pilots but no cabin crew or in-flight meals, according to Mr. Dhanee. The plan includes operating one-hour flights using a 12-seat Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Ex.

The airline has secured an air operator license from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand and recently added a new aircraft. It is now finalizing documentation and preparing for operational audits to acquire an air operator certificate by July.

EZY Airlines will hire ground staff and five pilots to manage its first aircraft and to conduct training on new routes. Following this, the plan is to bring on additional co-pilots, as outlined by Mr. Dhanee.

Airline of the South

Starting in October, EZY Airlines intends to launch charter flight services from Hat Yai Airport. “We aim to be a small airline operator in the southern region as we see potential from high GDP per capita in this region,” Mr. Dhanee said

He noted that the airline is adopting the business model of Mokulele Airlines in Hawaii, which similarly operates Cessna turboprop aircraft.

Initially, EZY Airlines will primarily cater to medical patients and business travelers. By April 2025, the company expects to receive a second aircraft and start regular services in July, connecting Hat Yai with destinations like Phuket, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Surat Thani, and Betong in Yala.

Mr. Dhanee detailed that ticket prices for routes from Hat Yai to Phuket and from Hat Yai to Betong would range between 2,900-3,900 baht and 1,900-2,500 baht per one-way journey, respectively.

He mentioned that to be profitable, at least eight of the twelve seats must be filled, ensuring a minimum load factor of 70%.

He added that the aircraft type, also used in Thailand’s Royal rainmaking projects, should bring in 120-150 million baht annually per aircraft, targeting at least a 20% profit margin.

Thana Dharapak, director of aviation, outlined the company’s expansion goals, aiming for a fleet of five aircraft by 2026 and nine by 2028, with plans to extend services to Hua Hin in a later phase.

The airline will continually update its fleet with new aircraft, planning to use each for five years before reselling and replacing them.

The first five aircraft will be purchased solely by the airline, whereas the next four will be funded through partnerships with other investors, as Mr. Thana explained. The company is actively seeking strategic partnerships with local businesses, including hotels and tour operators.