Sizzler and McDonald’s Aim for Broader Expansion in Thailand

Sizzler and McDonald’s, two renowned restaurant chains in Thailand, are intensifying their expansion strategies to attract a larger customer base and increase the regularity of visits.

Anirute David Collins, the SLRT Co’s General Manager, operating the Sizzler brand, has announced plans to inaugurate a new Sizzler under the “Steak Lab” theme in Koh Samui on December 16.

This establishment will be the pioneering Sizzler to offer an array of alcoholic drinks to diners, as per Mr. Collins.

The upcoming 300-square-meter restaurant will feature an open kitchen, showcasing their cooking prowess and will have the capacity to serve 100 guests, according to Mr. Collins.

“Sizzler’s Samui branch aims to attract a younger demographic, with 50% of its clientele consisting of tourists, in contrast to the existing branches where up to 80% of customers are locals,” Mr. Collins stated.

“This new branch serves as a learning ground for us to understand and engage more effectively with tourist customers in the future.”

SLRT is gearing up to debut another Sizzler location at Central WestVille within the next couple of months, following an earlier launch in the Ramintra area.

The firm is planning renovate 5 to 6 of its existing restaurants and aims to inaugurate three additional Sizzler locations in the coming year, with an objective of reaching a total of 66 branches by 2024.

Thailand’s steakhouse market boasts a valuation of 9 billion baht and maintains a steady year-over-year expansion. Specifically, the upscale steak dining sector sees an average growth of 4-5% annually.

Sizzler is continually innovating its menu with fresh main dishes and updates to the salad bar offerings. It also retains customer loyalty through the “E-Member” loyalty scheme, boasting over 400,000 members, Collins detailed.

Aligned with the festive season, Sizzler has recently expanded its menu to include three new steak options, contributing to the chain’s heightened activity during peak seasons, as Mr. Collins noted.

Patchneewan Tanprawat, the Chief Marketing Officer of McThai Co., which operates McDonald’s, announced that the company has earmarked 500 million baht for the refurbishment and establishment of 10 new McDonald’s locations next year.

The focus will be on standalone outlets that provide drive-thru, dine-in, and delivery options.

McDonald’s anticipates the roll-out of two fresh restaurant models in March of the following year, aiming to deliver unique experiences tailored to families and younger customers.

The company’s agenda for this year includes launching six new outlets, culminating with a branch set to open on Pattaya’s Walking Street.

Ms. Tanprawat unveiled that the company recently introduced the “Next Gen Burger,” featuring a newly developed, soft, golden-brown bun, marking a significant change for the first time in many years.

Enhancements to the burger patty grilling technique have been implemented to improve taste, as mentioned by Ms. Patchneewan.

According to her, the Next Gen Burger has gained popularity in various markets, including the US, Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Singapore.