Spotify Adds New Personalized Playlists With “Spotify Mixes”

Spotify has launched a new family of custom playlists based on artists, genres and decades, and it is called Spotify Mixes.

With this new feature, users can enjoy mixes created from their listening preferences, starting with favorite songs or tracks that they listen to frequently and playlists that are updated continuously with some titles that the app recommends.

Now, free and Premium users all around the world will be able to access three new categories of mixes that will evolve according to individual listening actions.

These are a mix of artists, a mix of genres, and a mix of decades. Each category, in addition to having an easy-to-remember name, is updated frequently. Its purpose is to give users different lists of options based entirely on their tastes, preferences, and even their mood.

Spotify’s new playlists were inspired by its signature Daily Mix, the most popular part of the platform’s catalog.

There is not one experience in the platform. Spotify is committed to providing a different experience for each listener based on each click or search its users make in order to give them exactly what they want to hear.

Its new playlists seek to give listeners a new opportunity to discover great songs based on the music they already love.

In this way, Spotify Mixes comes as the Spotify ideal tool to allow its users to experience discovery in a way that “audio has never seen before” through a combination of artists, decades, and genres in the “Made For You.”