Thai Vietjet Assists Medical Staff During Vaccination Activities

Thai Vietjet has decided to contribute to communities during the escalating Covid-19 situation in Thailand. Therefore, in collaboration with other Thai Airlines Association airlines, it has voluntarily supported medical staff in vaccination activities at Royal Paragon Hall, Siam Paragon.

Thai Vietjet staff fully supported medical staff and vaccine recipients throughout the vaccination process, making it simpler, faster, and more convenient.

“Thai Vietjet believes that with the united forces of the Thai people, we will be victorious in the Covid-19 war. I appreciate the support of Thai Airlines Association member airlines during the vaccination activities, expressing our mutual purpose of winning the Covid-19 battle and looking forward to conquering the skies together again in the coming days.”, said Mr. Woranate Laprabang, CEO of Thai Vietjet.

Earlier this year, the airline extended its complimentary airline ticket offer to all medical workers who came together to fight Covid-19.

Thai Vietjet has been offering complimentary air tickets since the initial stage of the COVID-19 outbreak in June last year and will extend the travel period for recipients of the complimentary air tickets until December 31, 2021, to all members of the Thai Covid-19 Prevention & Control Committee and all doctors and nurses of 160 appointed hospitals with coronavirus patients.

Besides, in response to the new wave of Covid-19, the airline continues offering flight services for passengers to travel on its network.

Air travel is one of the safest travel alternatives during Covid-19. And Thai Vietjet, named the Fastest Growing Low-Cost Airline in Thailand 2020 by The Global Business Outlook Award, has been performing daily aircraft disinfection in its fleet following the Public Health Ministry’s parameters.