Thai Vietjet Offer Unlimited Air Travel for 6–12 Months

After the Hat Yai Pass and Northeastern Pass’s successful launch, Thai Vietjet welcomed its ‘Thailand Power Pass.’ Thanks to this flight pass, passengers will have the opportunity to fly on the company’s national network as often as they require, and within a period of 6 to 12 months.

The passes are reported to be divided into two types: a 6-month pass valued at 12,000 baht and a 12-month pass costing 19,000 baht.

The price is for each pass, not including taxes, fees, surcharges, and add-ons. Besides, SkyFUN members can automatically enjoy a 5% discount when they log in and purchase one of the passes.

The website will be fully enabled so that customers can buy passes between January 08, and January 31, 2021.

Then, they will be able to redeem them for trips between January 15 and July 15, 2021 (blackout period of April 10 – 18 2021) for the half-year pass and between January 15 and December 23, 2021 (blackout period of April 10 – 18 2021) for the one-year pass.

Anyone wishing to purchase their pass can find more information on the aforementioned website.

The airline recommends that all passengers who need assistance during the second wave of COVID-19 cases use its different contact channels – email, e-forms, and contact through the Line Official account at @ThaiVietjet.

Thai Vietjet is working hard to provide on-time flights and comply with all the regulations and measures to guarantee safety, especially during the pandemic.