Topgolf Announces Plan To Launch in Thailand Next Year

TG SEA Development Pte Ltd, an authorized developer of the industry-leading Topgolf Entertainment Group, announced plans to bring the Topgolf experience to the Thai capital in the second quarter of 2022.

The southeast of Bangkok will welcome the first Topgolf entertainment complex in Southeast Asia, specifically next to the Megabangna shopping center.

The modern, high-tech complex will have three floors and will include 98 open-air hitting bays with comfortable seating for up to 600 players in an area of 47,000 square meters – this is the size of seven football fields.

It will also have several restaurants and bars with national and international menus, as well as spacious event rooms.

Both golf experts and novices will enjoy the resort’s facilities. Tim Boda, Head of Operations, Topgolf Thailand, said they hope families and children will enjoy the various games as the ball tracking and analysis technology enhances the experience and helps players hone their technique.

Additionally, the complex will be offering a wide range of meeting options for businesses looking for a place to connect and celebrate.

Topgolf comes as the perfect ally for Megacity and Megabangna, strengthening them and reinforcing their identity as the “Great Meeting Place” that welcomes all Bangkok locals and visitors.

Since its inception, Topgolf has been characterized by offering innovation, fun, and inclusion.

It is a game for all levels where players can score points by hitting golf balls with microchips at giant dartboard-like targets on a field. But visitors will be able to choose from various options, including Topgolf classics, Jewel Jam, or the world-famous Angry Birds.