StashAway Thailand Introduces Thematic Portfolio Investing

StashAway, the intelligent wealth management platform, has recently launched Thematic Portfolios in Thailand featuring four different themes: Technology Enablers, The Future of Consumer Tech, Healthcare Innovation, and Environment and Cleantech.

ETFs (exchange-traded funds) from some of the world’s leading fund managers, including ARK Invest, iShares by BlackRock, Global X, and VanEck, are included in the portfolios.

Thematic Portfolios are new, long-term investment products that give you the opportunity to invest in world-changing innovations. Within your risk tolerance, they aim to maximize exposure to promising long-term trends, giving investors an attractive option to consider.

Tim Niranvichaiya, CFA, StashAway Thailand’s Managing Director seen above, had this to say on Thematic Portfolios: “We’re excited to offer new investment opportunities to our clients. The promising innovations that make up these portfolios have huge growth potential, but may take time to reach mass adoption.”

“Therefore, it is important for investors to have a long-term mindset when they invest in Thematic Portfolios,” Khun Tim went on to say when discussing the new products.

Globally, assets in thematic funds have dramatically increased at a 37% annual rate in the past four years, and they have continued to increase by a staggering 77% in 2020.

Thematic investments are not only becoming trendy, but they are also rapidly overtaking traditional equity sectors: since 2017, thematic portfolios have accounted for roughly 40% of all equity fund net sales, as people look for new ways to diversify their investments.

How the world operates is forever changing, and investing in StashAway’s Tech Enablers theme means you will be exposed to: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Robotics, and Semiconductors. The Future of Consumer Tech theme shall expose you to: E-commerce, Fintech, Gaming, Internet, the Future of Mobility, and Social Media.

StashAway’s Healthcare Innovation theme shall give you exposure to: Biotech, Genomics, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceuticals, in a sector where technology advances at a rapid rate. The Environment and Cleantech theme exposes you to: Clean Energy, Clean Water, Energy Storage and Smart Grids, Green Financing, and Waste Management.

Thematic Portfolios from StashAway are now available in Thailand. Please see: StashAway Thailand’s Thematic Portfolios for more information on this exciting new way of accessing profitable investment opportunities that are transforming the world.