Pruksa Announces Fourth-Quarter Plans After Soaring 24%

Pruksa had revealed its operating results for the last nine months when it soared by 24% compared to the previous year after reaping 20,067 million baht in sales with 19,192-million-baht total revenues and a 1,364-million-baht net profit.

The company, which also managed to reduce its inventory by 57%, plans to launch nine new residential projects during the fourth quarter, proceeding to offer its special campaign titled “Year-End Sale Triple Discount.”

Meanwhile, Pruksa’s ViMUT Hospital reaffirms its commitment and readiness to the new Diabetes Center, developed in cooperation with its affiliated hospital Theptharin Hospital, to highlight its advanced specialization, first-class innovative technology, and high-quality, top-notch medical care.

The ViMUT Hospital also hopes to promote Safe Save Surgery, offering maximum safety and quality care at affordable prices to all patients.

Over the past nine months, Pruksa has launched 22 new residential projects worth 13.04 billion baht. The nine new projects, expected to be launched during the last 2021 quarter, are valued at more than 8.54 billion baht and consist of five townhouse projects, three single-detached house projects, and a condominium project.

Based on the government’s loan-to-value (LTV) ratio scheme that offers customers 100% “no down payment loans,” Pruksa Real Estate Public Company promises to help people save other expenses with its “Year-End Sale Triple Sale Discount” campaign.

The grand sales campaign offers no additional expenses with a waiver from all transfer day expenses, an installment waiver of up to 36 months, and a waiver of common area expenses for up to 36 months. Also, it unlocks LTV by giving borrowers up to 110% of the home value with “no money down loans.”

Customers will also receive additional privileges and special offers from partner banks while the promotion runs from now until December 31, 2021.

Meanwhile, the ViMUT Hospital has opened its latest Diabetes, Thyroid, Endocrine and Weight Management Center, strengthened by Theptharin Hospital’s doctors’ team.

Thanks to its high-quality care, specialized medical professionals and ground-breaking innovation, ViMUT Diabetes Center would emerge as Thailand’s avant-garde diabetes center. All Thais can enjoy its services, including foot spa, dietitians, wellness trainer, fundus camera technology to detect diabetic retinopathy, and more.

It also offers packages that allow patients to better control their treatment expenditure, lose weight or reduce the risk of diabetes.

Moreover, with its Safe Save Surgery, ViMUT Hospital has grouped surgical treatments such as eye surgery, knee surgery, gallstone surgery and others to provide high-quality surgeries to patients at affordable prices.

ViMUT Hospital and Pruksa have also worked together to install amenities at the company’s residential projects, including emergency buttons that will connect directly to the Health Center, a 50-bed health center (still in progress) that will provide comprehensive health care services, and other partner hospitals.