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Airplane-Themed Restaurant Opens at Thai Airways HQ

Since the onset of the global pandemic of COVID-19, all of us had to bid adieu to our normal lifestyle. The new safety measures meant that we had to refrain from engaging in many of our daily activities. The imposition of international travel restrictions was another significant change that affected many of us. The majority of us miss packing our bags and boarding flights and none of us can predict when our next overseas trip will be permitted. However, this story may come as a respite for travel freaks in the country. Thai Airways converted its Bangkok Headquarters into an airline-themed restaurant, so you can at least board the flight now although you cannot take off to international locations!

Many of us have at some point taken a Thai Airways flight and now, we can visit their HQ to grab a quick bite. Moreover, the place has been transformed to resemble an airline, with the introduction of flight seats and much more. Furthermore, it is possible to choose between economy or business class seats.

The restaurant has been established on the second floor and thus, gave the airline an opportunity to establish airstairs for guests. Hence, before you enjoy your meal, you can immerse in the experience of boarding a flight. That’s not all. Right at the entrance of the restaurant, you will be greeted by friendly Thai Airways flight attendants donning their uniforms, which may give you a serious déjà vu.

Visitors are loving this new concept as it is enabling them to partially relive their old pre-pandemic lives.

“Normally I’m a person who travels very often, and when we are forced to stay at home… it’s kind of depressing,” 38-year-old Intrawut Simapichet said, as fellow ‘passengers’ posed with luggage by a fake aeroplane door. “The cafe relieves what’s missing.”

The restaurant’s menu features standard airline meals including Pasta Carbonara, Mango Cheesecake, and more. However, the only downside is that it operates from Wednesdays to Fridays (7 AM-2 PM). The piping hot food dishes are served, starting at 9 AM.

If you do miss flying, we urge you to check out this restaurant, which is located at 89 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Bangkok 10900, Thailand.

Although this is a novel concept, for several months now, Thai Airways has been delivering inflight meals on orders. Usually, airlines enter into contracts with their caterers for several months, or in some cases, years. Hence, they are now staring at an excess stock of everything that is served on planes, from nuts to alcohol.

With the objective of recovering some of their losses and avoiding wastage of food, they began to sell these items in the country. This move comes at a time when most of Thai Airways’ fleet is grounded, and the company is undergoing a major restructuring due to its debt.