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Campari Group Hosted Thailand’s First Camparino Masterclass

Recently, bartenders and staff working behind some of Thailand’s best bars were lucky to have the chance to join a masterclass headed by Tomasso Cecca, the store manager and head bartender of Milan’s highly regarded Camparino in Galleria venue. Tomasso was on hand to discuss his journey within the industry and pass on knowledge to the attendees.

Tomasso, the veteran bartender who heads the operations of the iconic bar, was joined at the event that took place in The Okura Prestige Bangkok Hotel on April 30th by his fellow bartender, Saverio Casella. Guests were intrigued to learn of their experiences working at Camparino, which came in at number 27 on the list of the World’s 50 Best Bars for 2021.

Camparino in Galleria is the original Campari Bar in Milan: it’s certainly a true institution of the city, located in a terrific position immediately across from the Piazza Duomo. We can’t imagine a better bar to stop in for a Negroni if you’re visiting Milano, as Milan is known in Italian – more than a century has now past since Camparino first opened, back in 1915.

Camparino: Celebrating the Art of Aperitivo Culture Since 1915

During the masterclass, Tomasso discussed the history of Campari, and the important role of Caffè Campari, the birthplace of the Aperitivo. There was also fascinating insight on the legendary Camparino in Galleria, resulting in the gathered industry professionals having a large number of questions to ask the bartending enigma from the Puglian city of Bari.

Campari and Camparino are very similar in terms of being iconic global names and having both stood the test of time. While the historical features of the bar are well preserved and honoured, contemporary touches need to be added to include younger clientele, not just from Italy and Europe but from all over the world, to widen the interest in Camparino.

“Previously, most of our customers were people in their 60s, but now we also see a much younger crowd. Obviously, we can’t select who a bar as historic as Camparino is going to appeal to, but we can try a few things,” head bartender Tomasso also explained.

“Cin cin” is what people in Italy generally say when clinking glasses together for a toast, a charming ritual most often heard during the aperitif hour. With Tomasso mixing up a storm, who can be seen above with Saverio at the event, those attending had an ideal reason to exclaim the jovial expression, as they got to try some of the perfectly crafted cocktails.

The duo rustled up a selection of cocktails such as La Ragazza in Treno, a unique twist on the Negroni featuring Frangelico and strawberry, along with Silk Road, a cocktail that uses Bai Jiu and Campari Cask Tales, to commemorate Camparino’s inaugural Asian visit.

38-year-old Tomasso Cecca is a native of Bari, Puglia, where he worked prior to landing a bartender position in London – he later returned to Italy, to become bar manager of Milan establishment Cafè Trussardi for more than 13 years, before being offered his current role at Camparino in Galleria just over three years ago which he has absolutely relished.

Intriguing Insight Shared by One of the World’s Best 50 Bars

Camparino’s success is evident from the 90 million (and counting) engagements on social media platforms they gained in the last year, according to Tomasso. He said that the bar is able to provide services to an estimated 1,500 customers each day thanks to the devoted and knowledgeable workforce, responsible for their exceptionally high levels of quality.

Reflecting upon the great success of Camparino in Galleria, Tomasso said: “Camparino is very much like the Negroni. It’s a classic that shall never go out of style, but one that also evolves and becomes even more popular than ever,” as he gracefully poured the classic Negroni recipe made with Bulldog Gin in a glass. The results were simply fantastic.

Tommaso shared one piece of crucial advice with the audience: “Whatever old things we keep and whatever new things we add, it all revolves around our customers.”