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Bangkok Prepares for Valentine’s Day With Kimpton Maa-Lai

February 14th is right over most people’s shoulders.

The lifestyle hotel Kimpton Maa-Lai will host a fantastic experience for everyone who wants to enjoy the special occasion. The place will offer people different fun activities, so they spend their day doing something different.

First of all, every person will get a temporary tattoo-like sticker when they enter the place.

Then, regardless of whether people have a partner or not, they can access a 70’s disco party on the 4th floor, which will last until 1 am. For 1,000 THB per person, they can get the entrance ticket, wine, prosecco and beer.

Besides, incredible and delicious food will also be the highlight of the day.

Italians are known for celebrating love like no other culture. Customers can enjoy a five-course dinner that includes black truffles, homemade tagliolini, cheese fondue and beef tenderloin.

If customers want to enjoy the Italian food, they can do so throughout February.

However, for people who prefer brunch over dinner, there are also good options. The Valentine’s Day brunch will include salads, seafood, cheese, different kinds of eggs, quesadillas, pancakes and tenths of desserts.

The price to brunch on Valentine’s Day is 1,500 TBH per adult.

If adults want to take their children to brunch, they need to pay TBH 600 ++ per child. Regardless of customers’ age or preferences, they can have a good time if they visit Kimpton Maa-Lai in Bangkok on Valentine’s Day.

To plan ahead, people need to contact +66 2 056 9999.