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Bangkok Ranks as One of Asia’s Most Vegetarian-Friendly Cities

Chiang Mai is known for its animals and its beauty, but it has so much more to offer. The Northern Province was named the world’s 36th best place for vegetarians in a global index that listed the most suitable cities for those who live solely upon veggies.

Bangkok, the country’s capital, ranked 73rd.

The Berlin housing platform Nestpick published its rankings through the Vegetarian Cities Index, listing 75 ideal cities for vegetarians. London, Berlin, and Munich topped the list, being considered as the global most vegetarian-friendly places.

“With more and more people looking to reduce their meat consumption, cities must cater to these needs with diverse vegetarian offerings if they want to attract young talent, particularly Millennials, Gen Z, and the even younger generations to come,” said the founder of Nestpick, Omer Kucukdere.

The creators of the index hope the list can inspire vegetarians looking to move abroad to choose the right city for their needs and lifestyles.

It also brings useful and helpful information for all vegetarian travelers who need to find the best travel destination ideas or hope to discover the best plant-based gastronomic places.

The only other Southeast Asian city to be part of the index was Singapore, which was ranked 62nd on the list.

To determine which cities deserved to be in the index, Berlin housing platform Nestpick considered three broad categories, including affordability, number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants, and related events.

However, the epicenter of Thailand’s annual vegetarian festival, Phuket, was not included on the list.