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Betagro Brings Out Meatly! Plant-Based Food Products

Betagro formalizes its entry into the plant-based food market with its new alternative protein Meatly!

Leveraging a savory “GLUMI” recipe for ready-to-cook products, Meatly! offers the same texture and flavor as pork while guaranteeing a top-quality product.

Meatly! is made from soy protein as the main ingredient and other carefully selected, high-quality raw materials, promising 20 grams of protein per 100 grams of product, a higher number compared to the brands available on the current market.

It is also high in fiber and was created as an excellent source of healthy fats for natural hydration. In addition, it contains oryzanol, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The launch of this alternative protein represents Betagro’s opportunity to expand its customer base to include flexitarians and a new generation of consumers seeking quality products focused on wellness and health.

The brand also hopes to reach restaurant operators who want to offer a greater variety of delicious menu options for those who prefer plant-based alternatives without sacrificing quality.

Moreover, Betagro expects to promote food safety while providing high-quality and safe food products through food innovations.

Good health is becoming more widely recognized, along with a shift in consumer behavior toward less meat intake and a flexitarian diet that includes other proteins at some meals.

According to Mr. Vasit Taepaisitphongse, Chief Executive Officer and President of Betagro Public Company Limited, Betagro launched Meatly! as a plant-based protein that offers consumers an alternative high-quality, safe food product at a reasonable price, in response to such changes in consumer living preferences.

It is also one of the approaches to defining future food security since the UN projects that the global population will reach 9.7 billion by 2050, with plant-based proteins replacing 25% of meat consumption in the following nine years. As a result, we are confident that Meatly! is the ideal answer for assisting in mitigating future food shortages causes, Mr. Vasit added.

Meatly! is available at more than ten popular partner restaurants, including 137 Pillas Bangkok, Easy Buddy, Plantiful, Little Mermaid, Babyccino, Co-Limited, Aoringo, and LELE by le mai anh. Customers can also purchase it through B2C channels, such as Betagro Deli and leading modern commerce stores.

This alternative protein can be found in three flavors: Plant-Based Katsu, Plant-Based Cheese Katsu, and Plant-Based Minced Pork.