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Chef Pam Made Thai Brand Ambassador for True Aussie Beef

Meat & Livestock Australia announced that Chef Pam-Pichaya Utharntharm, the Bangkok-based Thai-Australian chef, has been named the first ambassador to represent True Aussie Beef, the international Australian beef brand.

She is renowned for her meat cooking skills.

The goal of her appointment as the True Aussie Beef ambassador is to help Thai consumers better understand the characteristics that make Australian meat such a high-quality, nutritious, and tasty choice when it comes to meat selection.

Additionally, Chef Pam will provide invaluable advice on how to get the most out of cooking with True Aussie Beef.

Australia has one of the best environments for producing the best quality beef available worldwide, with open spaces that allow farmers to take a more natural and sustainable approach to raise their livestock.

Chef Pam owns the popular Smoked Restaurant, which serves grilled, smoked, and roasted meat dishes.

She also operates The Table, a one-of-a-kind chef’s table tasting menu experience featuring premium-grade beef. In response to her appointment, Chef Pam-Pichaya Utharntharm said that Australian beef had been her cut of choice to provide clients with the best possible product.

“There are so many options available when it comes to True Aussie Beef, there’s a cut for every possible dish, from traditional Thai meals to a simple pan-cooked steak,” she added.

“As a Thai-Australian, I am incredibly proud to be able to represent True Aussie Beef here in Thailand,” she went on. Also, MLA’s Regional Manager for Southeast Asia, Valeska, said that her incredible knowledge of quality beef means she knows how important the origin of each cut of beef is to the flavor and taste.

“We’re honored to have someone of her caliber represent True Aussie Beef in Thailand,” Valeska added.