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Chinese New Year Celebrations at Pizza Hut – Free Ang Pao!

Pizza Hut is welcoming the Golden Crow Year with a new campaign.

The pizza place is creating a new campaign called “Good Luck for the Golden Crow Year,” and will give away free Ang Pao and a “Bye-Bye Bad Luck” card to all the customers who buy certain items on their menu.

All across the nation, starting February 1st to 28th, people can enjoy the campaign.

Pizza Hut’s Capital Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Ausana Mahagitsiri mentioned that Pizza Hut wants to make customers happy this year. She said they know many people are worried about COVID. PH’s campaign wants to wish them good health and luck.

The PH representative also recommended certain items on the menu.

Ms. Mahagitsiri said that people born on the Year Chong (the cursed year) should buy a Kae Chong, so they get a “Bye-Bye Bad Luck” card. Thus, they’ll get a prediction or fortune. Then, they can return the cards to PH.

There are three incredible menu sets and a promotion thanks to the campaign.

The Year of the Crow campaign will allow people to have the Kae Chong set at 29 baht, Good Life with Chicky Hut set at 555 baht, or the Hut Heng x Three Party Set at 888 baht (which are discounted from 1,831 baht).

Although there are 165 PH stores now, they plan on opening new ones.

This year’s campaign is very promising since Ms. Mahagitsiri comes from a family with a vast knowledge of business management. To get more information, people can contact Natasa Urchannoengan at +662 254 8477 ext 332 or Thanit Tirapanith at +662 2548437 ext 393.