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Dak Galbi and Meat Zero Collaborate on Plant-Based Menus

The restaurant operator behind DAK GALBI, DGB, GALBI X and WOK station, DAK GALBI Group Co. Ltd, has created a delicious menu featuring a variety of plant-based Thai and Korean dishes with real meat’s taste and texture, expecting to attract health-conscious consumers.

As plant-based meat becomes more popular in Thailand and other countries, especially among vegan and flexitarian consumers, DAK GALBI is joining the trend while teaming up with Thai plant-based producers Meat Zero to produce high-quality ingredients, DAK GALBI Group’s Director Tossaporn Wanichaworapong said.

From now on, the company will create special menus for DAK GALBI, DGB., and Galbi-X brands, including dishes like Kimbap Zero, a meatless kimbap salad, and beef bologna Pokki, and Kimbap Zero 2, a meatless kimbap salad with fish flakes and soup.

The WOK station will also offer customers a variety of plant-based menus.

Some of its meat-free alternatives include WOK Zero Set 1 (a plant-based crispy roasted pork with chili and salt and plant-based roast pork with garlic and roast pork on rice) and the WOK Zero Set 3 (plant-based roasted crispy pork belly with basil and rice and plant-based crispy pork rice with a fried egg).

Such set menus will be available at all WOK Station across Thailand.

CP Foods’ Vice President Supara Sriboon said the leading food company developed the plant-based protein under the “Meat Zero” brand to respond to increased customers’ demand.

The brand has used plant proteins to create innovative raw materials that are easily accessible to everyone.

Now, Meat Zero’s products are available at leading convenience stores, restaurants, and department stores nationwide.

Mr. Supara said that DAK GALBI Group’s collaboration with Meat Zero seeks to help both parties expand their customer base while providing consumers the opportunity to enjoy delicious and healthy food.

Consumers of all age groups can find the plant-based menus through Grab, Robinhood and Lineman, or via Line Official of DAK GALBI, DGB, Galbi X, and WOK Station.