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Foodie Destination With New Gourmet Seasonal Highlights

Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok becomes the ideal foodies’ destination, giving its guests and clients the opportunity to experience a unique cuisine world full of cultural and seasonal flavors.

Unforgettable experiences usually involve food, and Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok understands that fact perfectly.

For that reason, the lifestyle hotel has revamped its entire menu to make it the passageway that leads directly to the discovery of delicious seasonal ingredients, with aromas capable of transporting us to almost anywhere in the world.

Its gastronomic creations are elegant, irresistible, and comforting to the soul.

Kimpton Maa-lai Bangkok offers a menu with new gourmet dishes typical of Mexican, Italian and Spanish cuisine. Ms. Jigger unveils traditional recipes for Italian food lovers, including Premium ingredients such as cured fish baccalà, Tuscan white asparagus, premium ciccia beef.

Bar. Yard, instead, teases with tacos on Tuesdays in the best Mexican style, prepares Spanish paella every Sunday, and barbecues every day.

Baccala, a sacrosanct staple on southern Italy’s tables, is the Salted Fish Star from March 1-11. Ms. Jigger offers this famous fish in a variety of ways with dishes that take diners to the shores of Venice.

And there is also the Curated for meat lovers: Ciccia Bee.

Ms. Jigger presents an exquisite carnivore-based menu featuring the best Italian meat dishes on March 12-22, 2021, and sophisticated alternatives with The refined spring vegetable: White Asparagus from March 22-April 2, 2021.

On 26th – 28th March, The national rice dish of Spain, Paella, arrives.

It is a magical rice cooker that absorbs the predominant flavors of Spanish cuisine. And there is also the mouth-watering Mexican representation, with Bar.Yard Taco Tuesday Trio.

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