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Help Chefs Save Restaurants Through Chef Cares & Wongnai’s Campaign

Thai gastronomy has been booming over the last decade. However, lockdowns and closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic have greatly affected the restaurant, food, and culinary arts industries.

In response to the situation and helping chefs overcome those challenges, Chef Cares Foundation joined forces with Wongnai to launch the #HelpChefsSaveRestaurant campaign.

It focuses on fine-dining restaurants of renowned chefs and seeks to show them gratitude for all their selfless support. In this regard, Chef Cares Foundation invites all foodies to log into its platform through the Wongnai website and place orders at #HelpChefsSaveRestaurants.

The dishes will be prepared by Thailand’s best chefs, but they are offered at an affordable price. Also, the money will go to support the restaurant sector that needs urgent help.

“Featuring special deals, this campaign aims at increasing the cash flow of premium eateries so as to ensure they can pull through the ongoing crisis,” Mr. Yod Chinsupakul, CEO of LINE MAN Wongnai, says. More than 17 of Thailand’s top chefs have joined the campaign, including Chef David Thompson from Aksorn, Chef Garima Arora from Gaa, Chef Dan Bark from Caper by Dan Bark, Chef Francesco Lenzi from Nonna Nella by Lenzi, Chef Toshi Onishi from Sushi Zo, and Chef Nooror Somany Steppe from Blue Elephant,

Chef Kenji Shindo from Wagyu Shin, Chef Deepanker Khosla from Haoma, Chef Saki Hoshino from Samlor, and Chef Pan Siripornlertkul from 99 Chicken Pot are also part of it.

The campaign’s signature dishes are made with top-quality ingredients and using first-class cooking techniques. Each set costs starting at Bt599 or Bt999, and people can learn more about the chefs or purchase special deals from the Wongnai app or here