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New Nescafé Campaign Sends Blessings to Thai People in 2021

Nescafé Blend & Brew couldn’t be happier about the year of the Ox.

The coffee company will start the New Year with a new campaign called “Chinese New Year Great Blessings with Gold, a Car, and a House.” Now, Nescafé Blend & Brew will give away amazing prizes in Thailand.

To celebrate the New Year, some of the prizes will be a gold mug, a car, and a house.

Therefore, besides enjoying Nescafé Blend & Brew’s amazing flavor, Thai customers could win one of NESCAFÉ’s blessings. All prizes are worth around 10 million baht.

Executives from the coffee company in Thailand have stated what they feel about this.

The Business Executive Officer of Nescafé Thailand believes Nescafé has had a strong presence in the region for 48 years. Now, it’s time to show customers how much the company appreciates all their support.

Thus, Nescafé wants to bring joy and happiness to everyone in Thailand.

Besides having the chance to win a gold mug, a car, or a house, Thai consumers can also apply for the second element in Nescafé’s new campaign: interactive auspicious mug collections.

That way, consumers can have collective mugs featuring animals or angels.

Finally, consumers can buy auspicious packs and coffee fortune-telling sticks. Nescafé’s campaign is complete heaven for every coffee lover. They can have interactive resources like mugs and fortune-telling sticks and the chance to win a major prize.

This might be the Year of the Ox, but it’s also Nescafé’s Year of Spreading Happiness.