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Pizza Hut Introduces “Crispy Shrimp Titan Pizza” to Its Menu

Pizza Hut, the popular international brand operated by PH Capital, brings a delicious new option for pizza lovers. It’s the “Crispy Shrimp Titan Pizza.”

This novel pizza variety comes with an exotic and tasty combination of flavors.

The most innovative thing it has to offer is its topping: oversize crispy shrimp. But that is not all. Its star ingredient is accompanied by signature New Zealand’s cream cheese and savory Australian cheddar cheese.

The rare but delicious combination tops a crunchy pizza crust.

Dinners can order it with a mix of other toppings, including ham, tasty Thousand Island sauce, mellow pineapple chunks, and the classics: mozzarella cheese and ham.

With this new creation, Pizza Hut promises to give its customers the opportunity to live an outstanding and unique gastronomic experience.

The crispy giant shrimps and the crunchy pizza crust add a sensational touch to this pizza, allowing guests to enjoy exhilarating sensations with every bite. But the well-known restaurant brings more offers to satisfy all its customers.

Every person who orders the Crispy Shrimp Titan Pizza can get a free Hawaiian pizza or a Deluxe line and a Lover line.

Food enthusiasts can enjoy the “Crispy Shrimp Titan Pizza” at Pizza Hut outlets across the country. The price of this daring and original dish starts at THB 419, and it will be available from now until May 26, 2021.

Furthermore, customers will be able to order the Crispy Shrimp Titan Pizza for an additional 50 THB when ordering a combo set of Hit Hut, Gang Hut, and Party Hut.

This new pizza alternative joins an extensive menu that includes other dishes such as Spaghetti Spicy Chicken Sausage, Spaghetti in White Cream Sauce, Hammy Sausage with BBQ Sauce, Chicken Pop with Cheese Sauce or Spaghetti Bacon for only 99 TBH/menu.