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Tops Daily and FamilyMart Develop One-Stop Convenience Services

Although many countries have begun to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, modern life has changed completely and forever.

Now, people lean more towards remote working, and consumers are relying more on shopping online or their local neighborhood stores to find quality products, convenience, safety, and to save time.

Tops Daily and FamilyMart under Central Retail are aware of those changes in shoppers’ lifestyles.

Therefore, in response to these shifts in modern life and the needs of new generations, they have started to offer additional services that promise convenience in just one place.

Some of the strategies that they have implemented to make everyone’s lives more comfortable and easier are parcel services, bill payments, top-up services, delivery services, opening of bank accounts, Chat & Shop, Click & Collect, and many more.

Today’s buyers only leave the house when it is strictly necessary, and are more careful with how they use their time and plan their purchases in advance.

Those trends represent good opportunities for small retailers or neighborhood stores, and Tops Daily and FamilyMart under Central Retail recognize that potential, quickly adapting to any situation. For that reason, they have expanded their selection of consumer products and ready-to-eat meals.

Moreover, they have enhanced user experience through innovative and comprehensive services in one place.

“Tops daily” and “FamilyMart” are committed to improving their services every day, seeking to meet the changing needs of modern customers and providing experiences adapted to new lifestyles in order to become stores recognized for offering all products and services that their clients look for.

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