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Wasteland Launch Unusual New Flavours of Tasty Craft Sodas

If the ordinary Coke’s taste has gotten boring, you must dare to try a pickled-plum or ponzu-flavored cola that Wasteland and the Okura Prestige Hotel have for you.

While the alcohol is off the table and after closing the doors of its physical location in Bo.Ian, the sustainability-focused bar has turned to other interesting practices: collabs and remote craft soda-making.

The Okura Prestige has three of them: Sakura Soda, Ponzu Cola, and Umeboshi Lemonade.

Sakura Soda is a delicious fruity-flavored drink made with cherry blossom, sugar, lime, and sea salt, while Ponzu Cola is made with a unique blend of spices, brown sugar, and ponzu. Plus, there is the tart Umeboshi lemonade, which is made with sugar, lime, rock salt, and pickled plum.

All drinks are available for takeaway and delivery from the hotel’s food and beverage outlets at 150 baht to be drunk straight-up, added to cocktails, or combined with food.

But it is not the only Wasteland collaboration.

The bar’s new nomadic team, created by famous bartenders, recently teamed up with bean-to-bar specialists Kad Kokoa for a masterful new creation: a cacao root beer, gently infused with surplus cacao husks, coconut molasses from the sustainable UNDP-backed Plean Yod Tarn coconut farm, and vanilla grown on the Granmonte estate in Khao Yai

Besides, together with Pridi Cacaofevier, they produced a cacao cola made with surplus cocoa husk, a clever mixture of spices and lime grown on a closed-circuit farm.

All those Wasteland associations have three specific objectives: reducing waste, minimizing the food and beverage industry’s carbon footprint, and giving Thai palates new experiences through new flavors.