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Flogurt: Premium, Delightful Yogurt Without the Dairy

Flogurt is a dairy-free yogurt company riding on the crest of a plant-based food wave that has taken Thailand by storm lately. Sustainability and health are at the heart of this brand, whose expertly crafted yogurt contains over 700 million live active bacteria per 180 gram serving, giving Flogurt’s customers a probiotic boost for optimal gut health and digestion.

Probiotics are a beneficial form of bacteria celebrated for the long list of benefits they are known to provide. Not only can probiotics help support digestive health, but a number of studies have suggested they may also have an important role to play in immune function, mental health, and disease prevention, all crucial elements of anyone’s overall wellbeing.

Crafted with love and care, Flogurt’s range of fantastic flavours includes Original, Passion Fruit, Vanilla-Cinnamon, and Sugar-Free, ideal for those following keto diets: cholesterol-free, lactose-free, and gluten-free, Flogurt yogurts are as good for you as they are tasty.

Vegans, Vegetarians and Plant-Based Food Lovers Rejoice!

You have now got a chance to enjoy the delicious taste of simplicity with Flogurt’s line-up of premium plant-based yogurt. This creamy indulgence is made without preservatives or additives, noticeable from the first time you try it, when you shall be struck by the natural, slightly tangy and unadulterated flavour on offer in every jar, as well as the silky texture.

Only non-GM soybeans are used by Flogurt, which provide large amounts of high-quality protein and calcium. Indeed, soy is a complete source of protein, one that contains all of the essential amino acids needed for human nutrition, cultivated for thousands of years.

The greenhouse gas emissions of soy are 24.5 times lower than those of cows according to 2018’s Poore & Nemeck report, one of the most in-depth studies on the environmental impact of foods published to date. Plant-based yogurt, and in particular soy yogurt, has a low carbon footprint, which for eco-minded consumers is a decisive factor to consider.

Flogurt use glass jars for their products – you may not know that glass is non-toxic, made from natural materials – it is also 100% recyclable, with an unlimited life cycle, and can be melted and recycled endlessly to create new products. The company is in support of the zero-waste concept, a whole system approach regarding the conservation of resources.

Their premium, natural yogurt has a host of health benefits, some of which we’ve already discussed. Aside from being packed full of plant-powered protein, it’s also low in calories and high in healthy, unsaturated fats: soy products have been found to lower cholesterol and decrease blood sugar levels, especially important for those suffering from diabetes.

Passion fruit Flogurt, as can be seen above, was our favourite of the four superb flavours to choose from: the yellow pulp and black edible seeds of the passion fruit have a sweet and tart taste with a strong tropical aroma, complemented perfectly by the tangy yogurt.

Flogurt’s 100% Natural Yogurt Is a Satisfying Guiltless Treat

If you have a special occasion that you will celebrate at your home or place of work, then Flogurt’s catering service comes highly recommended, where they’ll arrange for delivery of their exquisite yogurts, so your guests can enjoy a unique and memorable experience.

Flogurt is an extremely popular brand with consumers in Thailand, and with good reason: their scumptious range of delights are the perfect choice for anyone who only consumes plant-based foods, or for anyone else making the effort to fit more of them into their diet.

Go to: to buy online, or visit their cart at Velaa Langsuan. Villa Market’s Sukhumvit 49, K-Village, Thonglor and Ari branches stock Flogurt, as does alt.Eatery.