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The Salad Factory Unveils “Premium Taste of America” Campaign

The Salad Factory restaurant chain now offers its customers an exquisite menu with delicious items made with the finest ingredients imported from all over the United States.

The high-quality ingredients were imported to Thailand under the “Premium Taste of America” healthy food campaign, organized in partnership with the US Embassy in Bangkok’s Department of Agriculture to share the beautiful food culture of both nations through home-cooked meals.

Now, thanks to the “Premium Taste of America” campaign, food enthusiasts can enjoy delicious healthy options crafted for those who lead balanced lives. The menu includes seven signature options with entrees, desserts, and beverages.

Notable US premium foods include Californian cream cheese, Alaskan black cod, Washingtonian apples, beef short plate, scallops, and mashed potatoes. The dishes have also been made from top-quality Thai ingredients, such as homemade salad dressing, organic salad vegetables, and more.

All the foods complement each other perfectly in each dish, merging the best of US and Thai cuisine. In this sense, the menu includes these seven options:

  • US Beef Short Plate Rock & Roll – An American beef short plate stuffed with fresh grilled salad vegetables served with house-made sauces.

  • US Beef Short Plate Cobb Salad, a lightly smoky salad served with ranch and red wine dressing, plus a short plate of grilled beef.

  • American Potato Croquette: A light, fluffy American mashed potato mixed with sautéed spinach, mozzarella cheese, and breadcrumbs, served with house-made mayonnaise as a starter.

  • US Scallops in Yellow Marine: Grilled scallops combined with smooth pumpkin puree and apple sauce.

  • Fired Alaskan Black Cod Steak: The exquisite and rare Alaskan black cod, grilled and charred for added smoky flavor. It’s served with lemon cream sauce and balsamic glaze over grilled vegetables.

  • Yuzu Honey California Cheesecake: Mango or passion fruit flavored cheesecake made with smooth and creamy California cream cheese, served with yuzu honey.

  • Washington Apple Pie Smoothie: Refreshing Red Delicious Washington Apple smoothie with homemade caramel and crunchy homemade crumble.

Imported products meet strict safety requirements and regulations to ensure quality and safety. The menu will be available until September 25 at all Salad Factory locations.