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Bartels: Craft Bakery and Café in Bangkok’s Phrom Phong

Bartels is a renowned bakery, café and juice bar located in the heart of Bangkok that specializes in producing handcrafted breads, thirst-quenching beverages and robust coffee, noted for its alluring design and outstanding service.

Scandinavian husband and wife, Eva and Nicolai Bartels, spotted an opportunity in the local market to offer fresh, quality sourdough-based sandwiches and other tasty treats. Being an experienced and self-taught baker, Nicolai has turned his hobby and passion into a fledgling business with the support of Eva, who operates the SMA (Scandinavian Makeup Academy) occupying the upper floors of the same building.

All of the breads at Bartels are handmade from scratch: having its own micro-sourdough bakery on the premises, as well as using only clean, natural ingredients instead of sub-standard alternatives, is a true game-changer. It is no surprise that Bartels has created massive buzz in Bangkok foodie circles in the year that it has been open, becoming a mecca for all enthusiasts of baked goods and premium drinks in the city.

A Fresh, Modern Look That Has Plenty of Curb Appeal

The spacious building housing Bartels is right next to the Embassy of the Philippines and walking distance from BTS Phrom Phong and BTS Thong Lo stations. It is complemented by a beautiful façade, with a plethora of windows giving patrons inside plenty of natural light and passers-by a glimpse of the stylish interior that awaits them.

When you walk in, the first thing you shall observe is the bright and airy space, offering a welcoming retreat from the chaos of Bangkok’s notoriously-congested Sukhumvit Road. The next thing to strike you shall be the uplifting scents of fresh sourdough bread and roasted coffee beans that accentuate the homely, cozy ambiance.

The friendly owners are usually on hand to help guide you with any queries you may have when it comes to menu choices and ingredients, giving their customers a personal touch that is so rare to find elsewhere in Bangkok. A reputation for excellence has been well-established by the whole team in the time since they opened their doors.

‘Nordic Cool’ Vibes To Bring You Closer to Europe

The lush hanging plants throughout, reclaimed Chinese decorative paneling, and carved wooden tables give Bartels a distinctive look, enhanced by their assortment of bespoke furniture and eye-catching artwork. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better spot to unwind with a book or for catching up with friends, while enjoying the comfy seating and calming vibes that bring a new outlook to the Bangkok café culture scene.

Health-conscious individuals have embraced this venue, so the classy in-store neon sign that reads: “flour, water, salt, time” is a perfect fit when you consider the minimalist nature of their approach. This meticulous attention to detail means that loaves are proofed for over 24 hours and baked in 300 degree stone ovens to give them a developed flavour.

Bartels is popular with customers who wish to relax somewhere with their children or their pets: the establishment is both kid-friendly as well as pet-friendly. Youngsters can spend a fun-packed time at the entertaining children’s play area, which gives parents a welcome chance to kick back and enjoy a deserved break. 

The Dream Destination for Sourdough Bread Lovers

Patrons can choose from a range of sandwiches loaded with premium filings, served on either a 10-inch baguette or on two slices of their homemade sourdough loaf. There are plain sandwiches, grilled panini-style sandwiches and open-faced sandwiches that all feature the stone oven-baked bread that they are well-known for.

The ‘Cheeky Chicken’ as can be seen above is one of the best-selling menu options at Bartels: a gourmet delight that combines chargrilled chicken breast, pickled onions and lettuce, delightfully finished off with homemade wasabi mayonnaise to give a spicy kick. Their portions are on the large side, so bring a friend along if you shall struggle to tackle one of the generously-sized sandwiches on your own.

This particular sandwich costs THB 250, a superb deal when you take into account the thickly-sliced, high-quality chicken that’s both flavoursome and juicy and a great partner with the crunchy greens. The dressing was a match made in heaven with creamy mayo toning down the heat from the wasabi perfectly.

You will not have failed to notice just how enticing the sarnies in the photos above look. The first shows the ‘Grilled Cubano’, a perfect choice for any grilled cheese lover, with tender slices of ham from Sloane’s artisan butchers, pickled jalapeños from fermented veggie experts The Serial Pickler, mild cheddar, parmesan, dijon mustard and creamy mayo lathered onto fresh-out-of-the-oven sourdough.

The second picture features the ‘Figs and Ricotta’, a different type of sandwich to the Cubano, but equally inviting when it comes to presentation. This mouthwatering open sandwich consists of a single slice of bread topped with fresh figs from Piti Figs Farm, smooth ricotta, honey from Let It Bee to sweeten and soften the overall texture, and crushed walnuts that provide a pleasing crunch in every bite.

A panini-style ‘Grilled Cubano’ will set you back THB 250 while the ‘Figs and Ricotta’ savoury tartine costs THB 220. While not cheap, the ingredients used are what sets Bartels apart from their rivals to enhance their gourmet credentials.

Give Bartels a Try – You Shall Not Be Disappointed!

Aside from the top selection of appetising treats, diners have some splendid beverages to accompany their meals, whether they prefer coffee-based drinks, iced-tea infusions, cold-pressed juices or San Pellegrino items. After eating so many of their tasty baked products, one drink was enough to sample, and boy, what an exceptional drink it was!

The ‘Morning Glory in Wonderland’ is a signature Bartels’ iced-tea refreshment blended with ‘Tropical Wonderland’ tea from Bangkok’s premium herbal specialist TE – Pandan, butterfly pea, and other natural ingredients make up this impressive concoction that is THB 150. We’ll make sure to try a freshly-squeezed juice on our return, knowing that Bartels is one of the best in town with 14 interesting varieties to choose from.

Some of the most popular take-away items are smoothie bowls, yogurts with granola and the freshly-baked loaves, baguettes and rolls: if you spend more than THB 350 and live in Central Bangkok, then Bartels will deliver for free. It is well worth your while to check out this gem of a café, either to pay a visit or to place a delivery order.

Location: 760, 1 Sukhumvit Road, Phrom Phong, Bangkok (Map)

Opening Hours: 7:00 to 18:00

Telephone: 095-002-6600

More info: Bartels Website