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Mooncakes And Where To Eat Them In Bangkok This Year

In Bangkok, autumn is all about mooncakes. The Chinese specialty, prepared especially for the Mid-Autumn Festival, is more than a beautifully ornamented treat: it’s a symbol for reunions with loved ones and happiness. They are directly linked to the Moon Goddess of Immortality, which is why they have such an appealing name.

From the splendid lotus paste to the crowd-pleasing sweet bean paste filling, there are plenty of mooncake variations, and they’re all worth trying. Here are the best places to get mooncakes in Bangkok this season. Our advice: try them all!


Harrods is no stranger to luxury goods, and mooncakes are as luxurious as food gets. From a creative mooncake display, try Harrod’s signature rosebud and royal milk tea mooncake, or the white truffle mooncake with custard cream filling. Black currants, hibiscus flowers, raspberries, and durian, they’re all represented in this season’s exclusive collection of pastries.

A single piece costs 155 baht, a six-piece box set costs 600, and the four-piece selection goes for 400 baht. Very reasonable considering the inventiveness and quality that characterizes Harrods.

Anantara Siam

The luxurious hotel has been building a reputation for fabulous mooncakes for years. This season Anatara’s mooncake collection features monthong durian chocolate lava, single-yolk lotus seed, and custard.

Each piece costs 158 baht, and a four-piece set sells for 1,088. The higher price corresponds not only to the mooncakes but for the collectible box. Choose between a Premium Red Velvet box and a Siamese Fighting Fish Luxury box, both grand ornamental pieces you’ll love.

Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

For seasoned mooncake buyers, the Mandarin Oriental is always a safe bet. The very traditional flavors include Custard, Lotus Seed with Egg Yolk, and Durian with Egg Yolk, but an exciting tiramisu mooncake shows the chefs here are taking the traditional dessert to new levels of excitement.

Get yours in a good-looking fan-shaped decorated box. An eight-piece set costs 808 THB, and the luxury box costs 1,888 THB.

Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok

Following the Shangri-la hotel tradition, you can get your mooncake box shaped like a book; at the end of the day, each sweet treat is a story to tell. Durian, Lotus Seed, and Cream Custard mooncakes are available, and so are the hotel’s signature pretty mini cakes.

Two, four, six, and eight-piece sets are available and start at 360 THB. Another big plus is that the Shangri-la will be selling its mooncakes until October 3.

The Okura Prestige Bangkok

Okura’s Japanese-style textile-wrapped box, an art form called Furoshiki, is instantly recognizable, making it one of the best mooncake set presentations for gifting.

A nice selection of colorful cakes includes green tea, custard, durian, and Japanese purple sweet potato. For flavor and presentation, the mooncakes here are hard to beat, but you’ll be the judge of that.

One-piece costs 198 THB, and the four-pieced wrapped box has a great-valued price of 988 BHT.

There’s no doubt you can feel happiness in the air. Is it the mooncakes working their magic?

Looking for the best mooncakes in town and trying the different flavors is more than enough to bring a smile to your face.

If you follow the season’s traditions, you know the Moon Festival is a time for sharing — gifting mooncakes is not only sharing a tasty treat, it brings prosperity to your loved ones. Get mooncakes for everyone and don’t forget to share this guide with your dessert-loving friends.