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PAUL Offering a 30% Discount on Burger Menu for Delivery

PAUL, the popular chain of French bakeries/restaurants, have built up a loyal following since they opened their doors in the Thai capital six years ago. The brand is well-known and well-loved by foodies from across the world drawing upon 131 years of rich culinary heritage since being founded in Croix, Nord, Northern France,  and are noted for their exceptional range of specialty breads.

With outposts in 46 countries in total, they have won high praise for their superb array of products including sandwiches, crêpes, macarons, and of course scrumptious cakes! Foodies and artisan bread enthusiasts in Bangkok and beyond love PAUL not just for their delicious foods, but also for their luxurious store arrangements and the outstanding levels of service at all of their locations.

At PAUL you will also find within their varied menu soups, stews, salads, and a number of hot and cold drinks. Customers can also choose from an impressive selection of homemade burgers at their stores in Thailand: Angus Beef, Kurobuta, Benja Chicken, Seabass, Truffle Egg Bacon, and Vegan burgers are included in the line-up of six culinary creations, where France meets USA in the most spectacular of fashions!

An Assortment of Burgers for All Taste Buds

Patrons of PAUL cannot get enough of the homemade burgers: their Signature Brioche Buns have a soft texture and delicious taste. The recent additions to their burger line-up focus on a healthy diet with top ingredients such as premium chicken, sea bass, and truffles, eggs and bacon, that will truly satisfy any appetite.

The Benja Chicken Burger is a new selection, with tender strips of chicken breast that are 100% natural, bred in carefully controlled, cage-free farms. They are well complemented by the brioche bun, mustard cream, cheddar cheese, and exquisitely topped off with a fried egg. The rich flavour of the world’s first brown rice-fed chicken shines through.

Another new creation is the Seabass Burger, made up of lightly fried sea bass, sriracha veganaise, fried egg, cheddar cheese, sandwiched between the signature brioche bun. Due to the abundant quantity of omega-3 essential fatty acids, the fish improves the functioning of the heart, arteries, and veins. It also helps in lowering blood pressure.

The other new burger to try is their take on Truffle Egg Bacon Burger. PAUL’s specialty burger comes with soft scrambled eggs, crunchy bacon and an aromatic truffle mushrooms. They have combined the free-range eggs, truffle duxelles, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, and the signature brioche bun to deliver one exquisite treat.

The PAUL Signature Angus Beef Burger

The Angus Beef Burger is one of PAUL’s specialty items. They have carefully selected premium angus beef imported from Australia to create a taste sensation, with the rich flavour of the higher-welfare beef being apparent right from the first bite.

The angus beef patty is layered with homemade tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, a fried egg, and the signature brioche bun. With their bold colour and taste, the tomatoes make a fine foundation for this tasty and tangy homemade sauce.

They contain naturally high levels of glutamic acid, an amino acid that has the fortuitous effect of making other foods taste better and more savoury. The cheddar cheese is therefore enhanced by the combination of the two, and comes melted to perfection.

A free-range fried egg sets off this burger nicely, giving a Gallic twist to what is normally an American staple. The oozing egg yolk makes everything better, and the result is one of the freshest, tastiest burgers that you can find in all of Bangkok.

Score An Outstanding Delivery Deal

You can enjoy PAUL’s tasty and uniquely made burgers without the hassle of going out and having to contend with traffic, as their homemade burgers are also available for delivery all over Bangkok.

Moreover, you can also enjoy a 30% discount on the burger selections if you purchase through GrabFood, LINEMAN, or GoEats. This delivery promotion is available until the 4th of October.

Of the new items, the Seabass Burger, regularly priced at 260 THB, now comes in at 182 THB. The Benja Chicken Burger, regularly at 220 THB, is now 154 THB. The Truffle Egg Bacon Burger, regularly at 220 THB, is now 154 THB.

Also, the premium Angus Beef Burger is down from 320 THB to 224 THB. The Vegan burger the same, now 224 THB from an original price of 320 THB. The Kurobuta Burger, regularly priced at 260 THB, is now 182 THB.

GrabFood, LINEMAN and GoEats delivery have the same prices for these burgers, and offer affordable and convenient transactions that are delivered straight to your doorstep.

Not Your Average Burger at PAUL

Each PAUL bakery around the world offers exactly what you can find in France, including the traditional baking recipe and method. Their specialty burgers are made with perfectly blended ingredients and the buns are made from wheat flour imported 100% from France.

The eponymous brand of flour is milled from wheat grown by over 300 French farmers. The bakery uses a variety of soft winter wheat such as Camp Remy, an old fashioned variation with a superb and robust flavour. You can really notice the difference in the brioche buns.

From the freshly sliced tomatoes and pickles, to the washed, crisp romaine lettuce, the preparation that goes into each burger is considerable. The PAUL chefs make sure that the seasonings and freshly made sauces are just right for the burger that they are to match.

The other two burgers that make up the selection of six are the Kurobuta, and the Vegan. The Kurobuta features a Kurobuta pork patty, homemade tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, a fried egg and a signature brioche bun: this particular breed is world-renowned for its hefty fat content and exceptional tenderness, giving traditionally tough cuts of pork a major texture upgrade.

The Vegan burger features a plant-based patty, vegan cheddar cheese, sriracha veganaise, grilled onions and mushrooms, not forgetting the delightful brioche bun. These will appeal to the growing number of vegans and vegetarians out there, as well as the growing number of meat eaters that are choosing to eat vegan occasionally to break their diet up somewhat.

PAUL Thailand has several branches where you can sit and dine in to tuck into their sumptious meals. Some locations are extremely convenient, with many in easy-to-reach malls such as Central Embassy, Emporium, CentralWorld, and Megabangna. The restaurants are open for dining customers from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm every day.

Meanwhile, their locations in Empire Tower, The Eight Thonglor, Le Café ICONSIAM, Foodland Srinakarin, and Foodland Ramintra only offer a takeaway service, and the bakeries are open for delivery and takeaway transactions from 8:30 am until 10:00pm every day (except Empire Tower, which opens from Monday to Friday only).

For more information on PAUL, you can visit their social media pages. Their Facebook page can be found at: paul1889.thailand and their Instagram can be found at: paulbakerythailand