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Pizza Mania: The Go-To for New York-Style Pizza in Bangkok

One of Bangkok’s longest-running independent pizza delivery companies, Pizza Mania has won a legion of fans with their New York-style pies, by offering an authentic pizza experience equal to any you could find in the Big Apple.

The well-known and well-loved chain currently has two branches in the Thai capital, in Sukhumvit and in Silom. American owned and run, Pizza Mania have for 10 years been producing sensational food, with expats in particular loving the wide selection of mouth-watering pizzas, pasta dishes, salads and desserts.

Pizza Mania offer Bangkok’s only large, 18” New York style pizzas: you can be sure to satisfy any appetite with one of these bad boys! Why settle for an unsubstantial pizza elsewhere, when with Pizza Mania, you are guaranteed to hit the spot in terms of taste, size and quality.

A superb choice of toppings featuring ingredients of the highest quality

Their selection of pizzas is hugely impressive: they have a wide variety of different pizzas and toppings, ranging from your traditional marinara and margarita-style pizzas, all the way to your more speciality-style pizzas such as ‘the Smoked Salmon’ and the meat-lovers favourite ‘the Rustica’. With wood-fired ovens known to reach temperatures of up to 800 degrees, the wood-fired crunch of your slices will only add to your tasting pleasure.

Pizza Mania’s slow risen dough is made using genuine wheat flour for that authentic New York base you can fold. Crispy on the outside, but light, tender and airy on the inside. Superior toppings such as whole milk mozzarella, Californian tomatoes and real American pepperoni may explain why so many regard them to have the best pizzas in Bangkok.

Some of their best-selling pizzas are also the ones with the most inventive choices of toppings: the ‘Spicy Pad Grapow’ is a Thai-inspired creation that features the signature tomato sauce and creamy mozzarella, as well as home-made spicy pork pad grapow and two fried eggs on top. Unique, and exceptionally tasty!

From pizza oven to customers all over the city, in a New York minute

The ‘Seafood Deluxe’ has been expertly put together by the Pizza Mania team. Tomato sauce and mozzarella are perfectly complemented by a medley of prawns, New Zealand green mussels and calamari, garnished with delicious Garlic parsley sauce.

Pizza Mania use their own team of delivery riders to ensure swift transportation of fresh, piping hot food to wherever you may be in Bangkok from their two locations, Sukhumvit and Silom. You can rest assured that the Pizza Mania delivery staff will provide first-class service to match their top quality menu.

Are you craving pizza, pasta, salad or dessert? Pizza Mania has got the lot!

Great pizza is not the only food that Pizza Mania serve up: they have a nice selection of tasty sides including large fresh salads, oven bread garlic knots, jalapeno munchers and delicious buffalo wings to name a few. If pasta is what you are craving then you will also be well looked after, as Pizza Mania provide an impressive array of homemade pastas including classics such as spaghetti bolognese and pomodoro with meatballs.

Complete your meal with Pizza Mania’s assortment of Lavanille ice creams and Gelato Magnifico sorbets, then wash everything down with their incredible selection of imported craft beers from well-known brands such as Rogue and Deschutes.

Check out the Pizza Mania menu over at their website: or order with them directly on: 02-261-1212.