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Aurum Gallery: A Treasure Trove for Street Art Enthusiasts

On July 4th, Bangkok’s culturally-rooted art geeks found a new space they could call their haven. Launched by internationally acclaimed British DJ Clifford Price, AKA Goldie, this new art gallery is the first one in Bangkok to showcase contemporary street art.

The Aurum Gallery is almost like a homage to New York’s graffiti culture in the 1980s. The gallery is situated in Warehouse 30 in the creative district of Charoenkrung and spans across 528 square meters.

The gallery also celebrates Goldie’s passion and his influential contribution to the art scene for over three decades. Curated by Goldie himself, the space features several internationally acclaimed artists such as Vhils (Brazil), Belin (Spain), Saturno (Spain), Ben Eine (UK), Odeith (Portugal), Bio (USA), and Crash (USA) among others.

Needless to say, the gallery showcases much of Goldie’s works as well. Through this project, Goldie is hoping to popularize several local and regional artists such as P7, Benzilla, Jecks, and Wal Chirachaisakul.

Many masterpieces such as Belin’s “Mickey Confinament”, Goldie’s own “Apache Girl”, as well as several pieces from Vhil’s “Matters” series are showcased on the white walls, creating a beautiful, mesmerizing contrast between the colours.

The Aurum Gallery will function as a multi-purpose artistic space, with several events in the pipeline to engage art enthusiasts and help them witness the creative process up-close. The gallery is also all set to host a live workshop in a space dedicated to such events, where aspiring artists can watch these creators live and pick their brains.

The idea is to construct a space showcasing an amalgamation of works by renowned artists as well as aspiring up-and-coming artists from Thailand and the region. With old, new, contemporary, urban and street art, Aurum Gallery hopes to offer something that excites everyone and promotes art scene in Southeast Asia.

Goldie and his business partners hope that this gallery adds something unique to the vibrant art scene in Bangkok.