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Bangkok Design Week Returns With Streaming Program and Visual Tours

The third wave of COVID-19 has not stopped the Bangkok Design Week, which has confirmed its return to the Thai capital with a live streaming program and visual tours, allowing people to participate online.

This year’s festival, organized by the Creative Economy Agency, will run from Saturday to July 31.

The event’s design is focused on the theme “Resurgence Of Possibilities” and seeks to fill Bangkok with hope and color to make it the “Creative City” of Thailand. It will include various innovative activities ranging from panel discussions and exhibitions to concerts, workshops, screenings, art performances, walking tours, and a creative flea market.

The festival follows strict disease control measures and has expanded its creative borders to reach Charoen Krung-Songwad, Samyan, Ari-Pradipat, and Thong Lor-Ekkamai.

The exhibition “Common Air-rea By CEA x Cloud-floor x UCCN, BKK City Of Design” in collaboration with the Power Development Fund of the Office of the Energy Regulatory Commission, will be one of the star activities and will be displayed in front of the Grand Postal Building on Charoen Krung Road.

The project also offers a model for public spaces that incorporates technologies to help mitigate the impacts of tiny dust particles on human health.

The prospective model also includes innovations to improve air quality in enclosed areas by letting in cleaner air through natural filters. Another activity is the forum “I Guess, I Try x SC ASSET, Powered By PechaKucha,” which shows creative concepts, ideas, and works in several fields.

It will be streamed live on Bangkok Design’s official Facebook page from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m. May 15.

There will be a dynamic for attendees to try to guess new possibilities through 20 images in 20 seconds by 20 people. The festival also brings the project “Envisioning Bangkok,” where a collection of 12 public artworks and installations is presented to reflect the nature of Bangkok through creative designs tailored to public areas.

It comprises public services and how people use them.

Finally, the Josh Hotel will welcome the exhibition “Hotel in • ter • rim by Maewtay x Cloud-floor x SP / N x NOSEstory x Decus,” which takes visitors back to the old days of the Pradipat and Ari areas. It will show the prosperous time of Pradipat Road which, lined with hotels, became a main transport route in the capital.