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Sundae Kids Bring Vertical Art Exhibition to CentralWorld

Up until April 30, you have the opportunity to go and see the charming artworks on display on the walls of Groove Gallery Walk. The exhibition is being held on the 3rd floor and Zone I of CentralWorld, Ratchaprasong, displaying the illustrations that depict young people’s relationships.

The area has been transformed into a unique Instagrammable photo destination to take beautiful shots that feature the vertical art display by internationally acclaimed artists Sundae Kids.

Interestingly, the exhibition centres on romantic liaisons between men and women in Bangkok, presented in the manner of comic essays under the “Love Letter To Bangkok” banner.

Vibrant illustrations portray the simple connections between couples that have common interests and find themselves running into each other despite multiple separations. They also capture the familiar Bangkok vibe that many people may have overlooked.


The superb murals on display in Zone I, which runs from the first to the fifth floors, are a continuation of the Groove Gallery Walk. They tell the tales of individuals in a busy metropolis who are eager to restart their lives after a difficult period.

The exhibition aims to spread good messages to Bangkok residents in order to enhance their morale and restore the city’s dynamic vibe.

Sundae Kids is a renowned duo made up of Pratchaya Mahapauray (Poysian) and Kavin Thienvutichai, two talented artists who have collaborated since 2014.

They are inspired by many things that they encounter in their lives, including books, movies, and music, which they end up transforming into drawings, product design, animation, comic strips, and painting.