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Tinder and Airbnb Team Up To Celebrate Pride Month

Tinder, a platform designed to foster meaningful human connections, invites the country’s young LGBTQIA+ community to join a month-long celebration to recognize diversity and passion.

Through a unique collaboration with Airbnb in Thailand, Tinder hopes to spotlight Thai LGBTQIA+ entrepreneurs and give them the opportunity to celebrate diversity and proudly connect to innovative and original Experiences hosted by the local community’s members.

Focusing on Thai Gen Z’s preference for modern, activity-based first dating, each Thai tinder member will be able to view in-app Swipe Cards to highlight the Experience and use the Swipe Right™ feature that will take them to, a space to explore all the Experiences available and click to book them directly on Airbnb.

The special series of Tinder X Airbnb Experiences comprises various events such as “The Secret to Winning the Director’s Heart,” hosted by popular Thai director Bundit “Tee” Sintanaparadee, who will share tips on acting auditions and casting sessions. Attendees will be enabled to learn how to stand out to directors and follow their dreams while being authentic and true to themselves.

Another activity, the “Birthday Cake Bling with Chef Deaw,” will celebrate this Pride month with Tinder and Airbnb. It’s a bakery workshop hosted by celebrity chef Komsun “Deaw” Wongsa on how to make creative birthday cakes and break gender bias in races.

Finally, Tinder X Airbnb Experiences is behind “Jazz Funk with Sophie,” hosted by choreographer and dancer Marguerite “Sophie” Indracusin, who will introduce guests to Jazz Funk and teach them techniques in a fun, step-by-step workshop and help people build personal confidence.

The Pride Wave, a seven-meter-long, three-meter-high installation inspired by the 2018 Progress Pride Flag with colors representing empowering and inclusive society, is coming to centralw0rld from now until June 30.

Meanwhile, Tinder recognizes that young Thai adults prefer a diverse, fluid range of relationships and has included 30 different gender identities plus nine sexual orientations in the app.

Also, PRIDE is now listed as an interest to users, who can add the badge to their profile to join Pride celebrations and publicly support the LBGTQIA+ community.