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Uniqlo Thailand x Studio Ghibli CentralWorld Exhibition

Uniqlo Thailand and Studio Ghibli have teamed up for an exhibition that brings the sometimes scary but always lovable Totoro and Cat Bus, the twelve legged cat with a hollow body that operates as a bus, to accompany all those in need of a true friend.

The exhibition, titled “My Style, My Ghibli, Let’s Lose Our Way, Together” is being held at CentralWorld, featuring displays with calligraphy by animation studio producer Toshio Suzuki and some photos from the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, located in the Tokyo suburbs.

The photos were taken by Thai photographer Kanyada Prathan, who is also the author behind The Tale Of Ghibli Museum. Also, some exhibits have been selected for the UT collection, which marks a decade of Uniqlo in the kingdom, which welcomed the first store opened at CentralWorld in 2011.

Exhibition attendees will also be able to purchase funky, cool t-shirts with colorful graphics based on the 1988 Japanese animated fantasy film “My Neighbor Totoro.”

The Japanese animated movie, directed by Hayao Miyazaki and animated by Studio Ghibli, follows the lives of Satsuki and Mei after they moved with their father to a new countryside house near the hospital where their sick mother is recovering.

The two young girls become friends and go on adventures with a forest spirit they call Totoro as he helps them rediscover hope.

UT t-shirts will be available for sale to the public, along with a white or yellow pocketable tote bag. Uniqlo’s service “UT yo!” also allows people to personalize their pieces with designs, commemorative stamps and works by Kanyada, as well as photographs taken at the exhibition.

Uniqlo, the clothing apparel company initially founded in Japan in 1949, and the acclaimed Japanese animation film studio, Studio Ghibli, will hold the exhibition through March 27.