Dr. TATTOF’s Impressive Range of Medical Laser Treatments

With more and more celebrities getting inked these days, the tattoo trend amongst the general public similarly shows no sign of slowing down, as tattoos have become the norm especially for younger generations. The large volume of tattoo work being carried out means it is inevitable that there will be some who have a change of heart once the indelible ink has been applied to their skin.

On the back of the staggering rise in the amount of people getting a tattoo, the tattoo removal industry has flourished in recent times. This is evident as recent advancement in removal technology has taken a huge leap, especially in Thailand, where Dr. TATTOF CLINIC have revolutionised the way unwanted tattoos can be removed with their cutting-edge medical laser solutions.

Dr. Nattapong Jirurawong, the first Thai dermatologist trained in the United States and an American-board certified laser specialist, founded Dr. TATTOF CLINIC to improve the confidence of clients by removing unsightly tattoos, scars and stretch marks. They currently operate six clinics, all of which are minimally-designed and are finished with sleek black and white decor.

Providing tattoo removal and other laser treatments since 2016

Silom Complex, CentralPlaza Ladprao, CentralPlaza Pinklao, Eight Thonglor, Future Park Rangsit and Terminal 21 Pattaya make up their network of locations. Treatments include tattoo removal, scar removal, stretch marks removal, permanent hair removal, sagging belly removal, fat removal, darkening removal and vitiligo removal: the services available make use of the latest technology and medical equipment on the market from the US, and they are FDA approved in both the US and Thailand.

PicoWay is a non-invasive method of removing tattoos that can even resolve difficult-to-treat blue and green colours, employing the shortest duration of anesthetic laser pulse which lasts for only one picosecond, equal to roughly one trillionth of a second. This allows for a less risky, less painful experience that can be carried out less frequently compared to older treatments, which were known to leave some people with scarring.

To give you an idea of what a tattoo removal session involves and how to prepare: clients are advised to clean the areas that are to be treated, with a topical anesthetic or cooling pack to be applied before the laser works its magic. Treatments typically last for only 5 to 15 minutes and will need approximately 6 to 12 sessions with a gap of 4 weeks between treatments to achieve the best results.

PicoWay technology is revolutionising the medical laser industry

Tattoo Removal Treaments with PICOWAY

As you can see from above, tattoos stand little chance when up against the innovative PicoWay, with outcomes that can be life-changing for clients. A wide range of cosmetic improvements are also implemented in PicoWay Resolve, a state of the art tool that splits laser beams into smaller ones, making it a suitable treatment for scars, stretch marks, acne scars and wrinkles, while also providing your skin with the rejuvenation it needs.

As for fat removal, Dr. TATTOF CLINIC employs SculpSure, the laser technology that helps combat double chins and undesired fat in other parts of your body as it is able to eliminate up to 24% of treated fat cells after 25 minutes of treatment. Furthermore, Gentle YAG PRO-U laser beams are intense enough to penetrate the follicles, ensuring permanent hair removal from even the most stubborn areas.

Dr. TATTOF deliver results that will give your confidence a boost

Vitiligo is a long-term condition that the King of Pop Michael Jackson was known to suffer from, where pale white patches develop on the skin: an estimated 1-2% of the world’s population are thought to be effected, and it cannot be cured. Dr. TATTOF CLINIC offers a significant treatment method which makes use of the TheraBeam UV308, a light phototherapy device, which has passed all testing and clinical evaluation.

With many years of experience, certified expert practitioners and a strong emphasis on customer service, clients can rest assured that they will be in excellent hands at any Dr. TATTOF CLINIC. Most people place great importance on their aesthetic appearance and will go to great lengths to seek out the very best treatments, of which Dr. TATTOF CLINIC is noted for, which may explain their huge popularity in Bangkok and beyond.

Dr.Tattof Clinic Exterior

If you require further information on the services of Dr. TATTOF CLINIC, then please go to their website at: or you may wish to speak with a customer service representative on: 099-614-2424.