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Experience Culinary Creativity at “The World in One Bite” 2024

Central Embassy’s annual culinary festival, “The World in One Bite,” is back for its 2024 edition, celebrating the luxury shopping center’s 10-year anniversary with an even grander and more exceptional showcase.

The event, which will run until Sunday, July 7, is held under the theme “Guilty Pleasures,” presenting a delightful blend of nutritious and decadent options.

Culinary enthusiasts can look forward to unique dishes and the latest food trends set up in pop-up booths from Level 2 to Level 5 in the atrium, while a tea market takes place at Open House on Level 6.

Each level of booths follows a unique theme: Level 2 features outlets specializing in healthy and low-calorie options, while Level 3 caters to meat lovers with grilled specialties, cheeses, and select baked items.

Be sure to save space for the assortment of desserts available on Level 4. Carbohydrate-rich foods such as noodles, pasta, and pizza are available on Level 5, catering to those indulging in guilty pleasures.

Moreover, Open House on Level 6 collaborates with the Tea Cup Alliance to offer a wide selection of teas and tea-related merchandise, including equipment for brewing tea. The shopping center also boasts over 50 esteemed restaurants and cafes.

This year’s event is particularly notable for its collaboration between Central Embassy and South Korean artist Jae Yong Kim.

He delves into food design, adorning variously shaped doughnuts with imaginative touches, transforming them into vibrant ceramic sculptures.

Each sculpture is distinct, capturing the essence of diverse cultural influences. Upon closer inspection, some even feature a touch of Thai charm.

Explore the captivating doughnut tunnel connecting Central Embassy and Central Chidlom on Level 2, which immerses visitors in three-dimensional doughnut sculptures, sure to stimulate appetites, available until August 31.

Discover 120 unique handmade ceramic doughnuts showcased at The Balcony on Level 2 of Central Embassy, available until July 31.

Tap into your artistic side and craft your own ceramic doughnuts at the “Ceramic Donut Weekend Workshop by A Clay Ceramic,” and enjoy unique doughnuts influenced by the artist’s creations at the “Jae Yong Kim Donut Café x Drop by Dough.”