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Happy Pet Hospital Offers Expert Veterinary Services in Bangkok

Happy Pet Hospital, the first Korean pet hospital in Thailand, is committed to providing the highest levels of veterinary care and employing the latest in medical technology imported from South Korea and other countries, with the goal of establishing itself as a premier pet wellness facility serving Thai and expat customers living in and around the Bangkok area.

Whether your cherished pets are in need of routine care, treatment for specific conditions, or emergency attention, the 24-hour pet hospital offers a welcoming, compassionate, and hygienic environment, that is designed to cater to every aspect of their healthcare needs.

Conveniently located on Sukhumvit Road in Thonglor, the health hub has become popular among pet owners thanks to its top-tier services and positive outcomes, led by a devoted team of veterinarian doctors and nurses who have a wealth of experience between them.

Utilizing Advanced Medical Tech for Holistic Pet Treatments

Dedicated to becoming a leader in veterinary research, treatment, and diagnostics across Thailand by utilizing advanced medical technology, Happy Pet Hospital offers a vast array of specialized services to ensure the best possible results for every animal under its care.

The Emergency Clinic is a key component, with staff available 24/7 to provide urgent care to animals in critical situations. This pet hospital also makes sure that veterinary surgeons are on call at all times to perform immediate and necessary surgeries whenever required.

One of the highly sought-after facilities at Happy Pet Hospital is the extraordinary Surgery Center, specializing in surgical procedures where qualified surgeons are able to treat any abnormalities for animals experiencing a health issue. The facility’s Oral and Dental Clinic offers dental care services, including tartar removal, teeth polishing, and tooth extraction.

The pet hospital is fully equipped with the newest machines designed specifically for pets requiring radiology and CT scans. An in-demand piece of equipment is MyVet Imaging CT that can be seen in the first of the two photos above, which is one of only five in Thailand, known for its high-quality imaging, and ability to deliver specific results for many ailments.

Pets requiring ultrasound services can receive a range of personalized attention at Happy Pet Hospital, where cutting-edge ultrasound systems are used to painlessly evaluate your precious pet’s health, including Cardiac Ultrasound service for analyzing heart symptoms.

A Pregnancy Ultrasound service is also available for animals in need of fetal development scans to support healthy pregnancies, as well as Musculoskeletal Ultrasound for muscles, Thoracic Ultrasound for chest exams, and Abdominal Ultrasound for organs assessments.

Keep Your Pet Happy and Healthy With Expert Care Services

Beyond the medical facilities on offer, Happy Pet Hospital also has additional pet services, making it a one-stop venue for all your pet-related needs. The pet hotel seen in the photo above is a standout service, boasting cozy, minimalist-designed rooms furnished with soft cushions, air conditioning, and 24-hour staff supervision for maximum comfort and safety.

For individuals seeking peace of mind regarding their beloved furry friends’ safety in case they wander off or are stolen, there is a state-of-the-art microchip implant service expertly performed by well-trained veterinarians, who approach each procedure with utmost care.

Grooming and spa services such as brushing teeth, brushing hair, blow drying, and gentle massages are offered to pamper your pet. All products being used are carefully selected for their effectiveness, safety, and ability to enhance a pet’s overall health and wellbeing.

In addition, the premises features a pet park, a relaxing area equipped with artificial grass, and numerous pet playground provisions on a spacious rooftop, providing the ideal place for pets to run freely, breathe fresh air, and share valuable interactions with other animals.

Should you require transportation to the hospital or other destinations, the institution runs pet taxi services, and if you require pet cremation and burial services they organize those services too. Moreover, customers can find an exciting range of pet products to purchase including foods, snacks, agility toys, pet strollers, beddings, and a number of accessories.

Happy Pet Hospital offers round-the-clock service, and is situated at 750 Sukhumvit Road close to Thong Lo and Phrom Phong BTS stations. For anyone who wishes to know more information on the pet hospital, please visit its website or you can call on: 098-886-0687.