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It’s Animal Heaven at The Mall Lifestore Bangkae’s Jungle Walk!

Step into the wild and get along to the “The Mall Lifestore Jungle Walk” event, which is on now at The Mall Lifestore Bangkae! This is an excellent opportunity for little ones, who are currently on their school breaks, to get up-close with a number of rare and exotic animals.

Families and wildlife lovers can marvel at the 300+ animals including some incredibly rare ones, and some from ancient times. In particular, Cashmere Goats, Caiman Lizards, Indian Peafowl, Jacob Sheep, and Budgett’s Frogs are must-see highlights, and can be found at MCC Hall on the stunning venue’s 3rd Floor between Friday, May 10 and Sunday, May 19.

The Mall Group has collaborated with renowned entities: Ministry of Culture, Royal Forest Dept., National Science Museum, BMA’s Health Dept., ThaiNamthip Corporation Ltd., and Thailand Exotic Pet Keepers Association (TEPA), who have assisted in staging this event.

The Mall Lifestore Bangkae’s 350,000 sq. metre retail space has recently been revamped into a new metropolitan district and a centre for lifestyles, and its “Jungle Walk” campaign is designed to educate visitors, particularly children, about the importance of animals and nature, encouraging them to have great care and appreciation for environmental matters.

In the photo above, you can see a Cashmere Goat, appearing in Thailand for the very first time. They are one of the first pets that humans are known to have kept going back as far as 6,000-7,000 BC, boasting long, fine white hair used to produce costly cashmere wool.

Visitors to the mall’s exotic menagerie will be fascinated by a plethora of other interesting animals to explore, designated into four distinctive zones including the Amphibians Zone, Poultry Zone, Terrestrial Animals Zone, and Reptiles Zone, imitating their natural habitats.

There are also numerous enthralling activities available for attendees to take part in, such as the outstanding zipline adventure spanning across a 3,000 sq. metre area, that can be seen above, decorated to make the participants feel as if they’re ziplining in a real jungle.

For a more immersive experience, it is worth checking out the Exotic Camp & Market café zone, where guests can savour a wide variety of delectable foods, pet and feed adorable exotic pets, and capture memorable photos together with the cute lineup of wild animals.

Open from 10am to 10pm on each day of the event, entry is free – it is the ideal mix of fun and education! Visit The Mall Lifestore Bangkae’s Facebook page for further information.