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Major and SF Cinema Bringing Drive-In Movies to Thailand

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect every aspect of our daily routine, announcements made by SF Cinema and Major Cineplex – the two major cinema operators in Thailand – gives a glimpse of what could be the new “normal” for the next few months. Starting next week, the companies plan on hosting drive-in cinemas, in order to minimize the possibilities of virus transmission.

This comes following the lifting of restrictions on cinemas earlier this month. Although movie theatres have been operational for a few weeks it has been observed that most movie-goers are apprehensive to sit in the halls for such long periods of time, due to the fear of being exposed to the COVID-19 virus.

Therefore, the two operators are gearing up to organize drive-in events to project movies outdoors, which will decrease the risk-factor associated with contracting the virus. These events will be held in the outskirts of Bangkok to the east, and the seating will be set-up about 100 meters from each other.

For this project, SF Cinema has teamed up with the Communications Authority of Thailand. A 4k laser projector will be set up in the Crystal Design Center shopping mall’s parking lot, which for anyone unfamiliar with the venue is in the Bangkapi district close to Central Eastville.

The computer-animated jukebox musical comedy Trolls World Tour has been chosen as the movie to be screened. Interestingly, both of the companies have announced July 2nd to July 5th as the exact same dates to host their exciting events.

There are no details at this time of Major’s programming schedule, only that drive-in movies will be underway from Thursday and that further information will follow shortly.

Businesses all over the world are coming up with innovative ideas to keep their operations running without compromising on any of the safety measures, which are imperative to ensure their customers’ safety.

Recently, a German nightclub successfully brought back the trend of Saturday night clubbing, but with a twist. The “clubbing” night was held at a parking lot as visitors danced to the concert music, but inside the safety of their own vehicles.

There were no drinks, no disco balls, and no dance floors – only pumping music and over a hundred vehicles with people squeezed into them, awkwardly trying dance to the beat of the tunes, while remaining in their seated positions.

The vehicles were close enough for people to be able to talk to each other. However, the staff constantly monitored the area to ensure the visitors were adhering to the safety protocols. The party-goers had to wear masks if they had to run to the washroom.

Reportedly, people were also found flirting in this makeshift club, by writing their phone numbers on balloons.

Apart from the aforementioned fads, outdoor dining and drive-in churches are two other trends that have re-emerged as a result of the pandemic.

Only time will tell us what other changes in our lifestyle this virus will bring!