Thailand Begins Public Hearing on Classic Cars Import Proposal

The Foreign Trade Department has initiated a public hearing on a proposal to amend a notice that would allow the import of specific types of classic cars for promotional use at events.

Ronnarong Phoolpipat, the director-general of the department, mentioned that a revised notice has been prepared for submission to the Commerce Ministry to regulate this category of used vehicles.

This proposed notice specifies certain restrictions and requirements for importing used vehicles, offering an exemption for vintage cars under tariff classification No. 87.03.

However, it does not include motorcycles or other vehicles regulated by the Excise Department.

According to him, this change aims to bolster activities involving classic and vintage cars, such as competitions, exhibitions, and caravans, which in turn could boost expenditure from both Thai and international tourists.

Additionally, Mr. Ronnarong noted that the amendment would further support the restoration of old vehicles, positioning Thailand as a key hub in the region for the trade, display, and maintenance of vintage cars.

The notice is in line with a cabinet decision from March 12, 2024, which approved measures to promote works of art and vintage cars, as suggested by the Finance Ministry.

This initiative is part of a broader national strategy aimed at boosting competitiveness through value addition and ensuring steady economic growth.

The ministerial notification issued in 2019 was designed to reduce air pollution and enhance road safety for users, as stated by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Agencies from the government, private sector, and general public are invited to provide feedback on the proposed notice through the Council of State’s website and the Foreign Trade Department’s website starting today until June 12.

After the public consultation period, the proposal is set to be presented to the cabinet for approval.