Big C and British Embassy Team Up To Launch “British Fair”

The British Embassy and Big C opened the “British Fair” at Big C Supercenter Rama 4, with a ceremony presided over by the Commercial Counsellor of the British Embassy in Bangkok, Mr. Ben Morley.

Mr. Aswin Techajareonvikul, Chief Executive Officer and President of Big C Supercenter Public Company Limited, Big C Management and suppliers attended the inauguration and welcomed the British embassy’s representatives.

For this new collaboration, Big C and the British Embassy in Bangkok promote more than 300 premium food and other UK products, including some from leading brands such as McVities, Twining, KitKat, Fisherman’s Friends, Morrisons, Sensodyne, and Walkers.

If you enjoy British tea, then there is no finer brand than Twining to enjoy. With many tasty varieties to choose from, including English Breakfast Tea and Earl Grey, it’s the world’s number-one best-selling tea brand for a good reason: it really is exceptional quality.

McVities are the quintessential British biscuit brand with worldwide popularity for their high quality and yummy selection. Two of the most popular are Digestives, and Rich Tea, both of which are available to buy in the Kingdom of Thailand and the perfect accompaniment to a lovely and refreshing cup of tea.

KitKat, well-known for its famous catchphrase “Have a break, have a Kit-Kat,” is the confectionary brand from Nestlé, loved globally by people young and old. The chocolate-covered wafer bars come in several different flavors and have been a smash hit with consumers in Thailand and Asia for many years now.

The brand of strong menthol lozenges, Fisherman’s Friend, known for having created products to alleviate the respiratory problems suffered by fishermen while working in the northern deep-sea fishing grounds before becoming England’s leading sweets seller, is also part of the British fair.

And customers will also have the opportunity to buy products from other well-known companies such as Morrisons, the famous supermarket chain; Sensodyne, a toothbrushes and toothpaste manufacturer; and Walker, a chips and snacks brand. 

The event will be held now and through December 8, 2021, at Big C Hypermarket and Big C Food Places locations. Its goal is to respond to demands from both Thai and foreign Big C customers for first-class products.