Skechers New Collection To Walk the Path of the Hero

Skechers is one of the leaders as a sports and lifestyle brand. Now, they’re innovating.

Recently, the famous brand associated with the manga and anime franchise called One Punch Man. Now, the new collection will be completely inspired by different characters from the series.

Thousands of people will be able to “Walk the Path of the Hero” with the new campaign.

Skechers’ new collection will feature not one but four different types of sneakers for men and women. Likewise, it’ll also offer customers one pullover and four hoodie designs. It’ll be available in late February 2021, but other apparel will come out later.

Saitama, the hero from One Punch Man, will be represented throughout the collection.

The sneakers will feature an incredible paneling with Saitama’s red-and-yellow signature colors. Besides having the One Punch Man icon on the shoe’s tongue, fans will also enjoy more subtle references the collection will show.

Other superheroes from One Punch Man will also join the collection.

Genos (with navy and black colors) and Tornado (light and dark green) will fight alongside Saitama to defeat the villain Sonic (purple and black). While the cyborg Genos will be featured with the gear icon on the shoes, Tornado’s icon will appear as well.

Women and men can buy Skechers, in sizes US5-10 and US7-12, respectively. The price is 4,290 baht.

As if this wasn’t enough, fans will have the possibility of pairing their favorite character’s sneakers with the respective hoodie. Each of the hoodies also features the character’s strengths and powers.