The Great Chinese New Year 2021 Campaign by Central Pattana

Central Pattana wants to help improve Thailand’s economy.

Thus, they are working with different companies to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Considering all the necessary precautions, Central Pattana wants to commemorate the Year of the Golden Ox.

Central Pattana has different strategies to achieve its goals.

They will partner with hospitality businesses, reaffirm the national hygiene plan and support its tenants by running a big campaign. Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the usual Chinese New Year activities.

Since Central Pattana is reinforcing the “Next Normal,” they are taking preventive measures.

Customers will be able to enjoy traditional Chinese markets, special promotions, limited edition activities, and much more. Central Pattana, the Retail & Property leader, already announced its strategy for the first few months of the year.

The company partnered with tenths of institutions to make everything happen.

The stores will offer customers up to 70% discounts on some items, and up to 30% discounts on new arrivals. Until February 21st, customers will have the opportunity to enhance their luck in the Year of the Ox celebration.

Central Pattana expects to boost traffic by 15% – 20%.

With a reaffirmation of the preventive measurements, Central Pattana will change the running of all Shopping Centers across the nation. Due to the news, Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Executive Vice President of Marketing gave his opinion.

The company wishes to become an essential part of Thai’s rising economy.

Likewise, the previously mentioned representative mentioned Central Pattana’s cooperation with COVID-19 measurements to ensure everyone’s safety. He also reiterated the company’s strategies to ensure economic growth.