Fashion Designer Alexander Wang in Sexual Assault Probe

Renowned fashion designer Alexander Wang, famous for having an A-list clientele, is facing sexual assault accusations. 

Two popular Instagram accounts, S— Model Management (SMM) and Diet Prada, posted information compiling social media accusations made by people who allege that the designer sexually assaulted them. 

Both Instagram profiles work to expose what is behind the fashion world. 

Some users made the allegations anonymously, being media unable to identify their identities. However, two individuals publicly accused Wang of sexual assault. 

Multiple models claimed that Alexander Wang drugged them using MDMA while being at parties before sexually assaulting them. 

Diet Prada shared a post showing Nick Ward’s testimony. He detailed an alleged incident, saying that the A-list designer swung his hand and grabbed his crotch in a Brooklyn DJ set three years later. 

Ward also stated that Wang was with a group of people at the time, adding: “As he was passing, he swung, squeezed me, and kept walking”. 

“They were moving pretty quickly through, so by the time I realized what happened, I just announced to my friend, ‘that guy just grabbed my dick’ and they’re all like, ‘that was Alexander Wang,” Ward also said. 

Owen Mooney, a graphic designer, also joined the group of people who accused Alexander Wang of sexual assault. He made a video on the popular platform Tik Tok responding to a prompt asking what was his weirdest seeing a celebrity in public experience. 

In the video published on December 11, he answered: “Being sexually assaulted by one counts, right?”

Mooney continued saying that he went to a New York club in 2017 to attend a concert of CupcakKe and a man next to him started touching his legs and crotch. He went on telling that he saw the man was a really famous fashion designer when he looked down. 

“I just couldn’t believe he was doing that to me,” he said.

Although Mooney did not confirm that he was talking about Wang, he liked the top comment that said “it’s Alexander Wang”. Two days later, he made a follow-up video to say that the commenter was right and mentioned Wang by his name. 

He also referred to Alexander Wang as a “sexual predator”. 

The video gained attention when SMM decided to repost it on its Instagram stories on Sunday. “Male and trans models are often overlooked in the conversations of sexual assault in the modeling industry, but not today,” SMM wrote in the caption. 

“We can’t let famous people get away with sexual assault just because they’re on a pedestal. They need to be held accountable just like every other abuser,” SMM added.

Then, Diet Prada reposted several screenshots from SMM’s posts, revealing allegations from Twitter and anonymous messages that Azealia Banks had received and shared in last year. 

In response, Wang turned off the comments on his latest posts both in his and in Alexander Wang Brand’s Instagram accounts. 

His representatives haven’t responded to media requests for comment.