The Top 10 Most Exclusive Galas Around the World

Besides grand commemorative parties like birthdays, anniversaries and baby showers, the upper echelon of society look forward with great anticipation to a host of events, among them European aristocratic balls, high fashion parties in various fashion capitals and charitable benefits. We take you behind the velvet rope for a glimpse of 10 iconic ones. 

Aside from the obvious excuses for parties, such as birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, the top performers in our society also attend a wide spectrum of exclusively hosted events. There are European aristocratic balls, parties for high fashion and charity benefits. Grab a sneak peak behind the curtain, at 10 of the world’s most exclusive and revered parties.

1). Queen Charlottes Ball, United Kingdom

Debutantes and their farthers pose ahead of the Queen Charlotte Ball on September 11, 2015 (Photo credit: The London Season official website)
The debutants of Queen Charlottes Ball poise alongside their fathers at 2015’s event.

Even in the present day, the United Kingdom’s time-refined Queen Charlotte’s Ball is still true to the events that took place over 200 years ago. The respected event launches the country’s best-bred young debutantes to the upper echelons of society. It was established as a charity event by King George III and was named after his Queen.

2). Le Bal Des Débutantes, France

Photo credit: le bal official website
Attendees of Le Bal pose for a photo ahead of an unforgettable evening

It’s known as the world’s most famous debutante ball, Le Bal des Débutantes features 20 of the world’s most refined and delicate young women from a selection of the wealthiest dynasties. Formed in 1994, the event was designed as a modern spin on the regular debutante ball, requiring it’s chosen few to be wealthy, but also well-educated and fashion conscious. This had led to a battle of runway style that makes London Fashion Week look so last season.

3). The Caudwell Children Butterfly Ball, United Kingdom

Photo credit: @caudwellchildren / Facebook

Here’s another entry from London, a place that is never short of charity galas, but this one is particularly glamourous. The Buttery Ball is a yearly benefit organised by Caudwell Children. It donates 100% of the funds raised to helping disabled children around the UK, in a huge event that is often endorsed by celebrities and champions of the industry.

They have a charity auction, with wonderful cuisine, amazing entertainment and a stunning world-class attire, which is produced on a mammoth scale for an excellent cause.

4). Met Gala, USA

Photo credit: MetGalaPage / Facebook
Kylie and Kendall Jenner are regular attendees at the Met Gala in New York

Widely regarded as the world’s top night out for the fashion sector, the Costume Institute Met Gala at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is the biggest fashion fundraiser worldwide. The charity launched in 1948 for well-to-do New York citizens, but today it is morphed into a fashion spectacular, with stars for film and art all collaborating to raise money as part of an opening ceremony for the exhibition.

5). Bal De La Rose, Monaco

Photo credit: MonteCarloSBM / Facebook
Monaco’s Royal Family pictured attending the ball in 2015

The Bal de la Rose, or the Rose Ball, held in Monaco, is the height of the upper level of society’s yearly calendar. This affluent event is hosted by the Royal Family of Monaco and it carries a great tradition which was set by Grace Kelly in 1954. As years have gone by, the ball has changed into a global spectacular, for the most part due to its designer, Karl Lagerfeld, whose legendary themes have propelled the event forward.

6). Royal Ascot, United Kingdom

Photo credit: AscotRacecourse / Facebook
The British Royal Family seen attending the Royal Ascott procession

Royal Ascott kicks of the British summer of both sporting and social events. It exudes refinement, heritage, millinery and sartorial pageantry, fine dining, and it has horse racing as its centre piece. The event, which is held of five days is marked with an opening day by the Queen of England, who leads the Royal Procession.

7). Hofburg Silvesterball, Austria

Photo credit: HSBhighlight / Facebook

Austria’s Hofburg Silversterball looks like a scene from the Great Gatsby, with attendees opening doors into a palace filled with the beautiful sound of Viennese opera. The nation’s most affluent families enjoy a stunning view of the midnight fireworks and a fine-dining experience on wonderful porcelain china. The ball is now over 50 years old and promises a schedule of high-class entertainment not seen anywhere else in the world.

8). American Foundation For Aids Research (amfAR) Gala, France

Photo credit: Ryan Emberley / amFAR

At present, the amfAR Gala, held in Cannes, France, has rained in excess of $240 million for a whole host of life-saving institutes of research to fight the aids virus. This well-to-do event is black tie and enjoys a style without inhibition, a celebrity packed guest lists and a fashion show with Carine Roitfeld. The is also a live auction and performances by famed musicians and singers.

9). Vienna Opera Ball, Austria

Photo credit: @wiener.staatsoper / Facebook

The unmistakeable echo of “Let the waltz begin!” is the best way to sum up the Vienna Opera Ball which takes places at the Wiener Staatsoper. The world’s best singers and ballet starts are in attendance to perform for around 5,000 specially selected guests from the world’s of business, culture, politics, sports and academia, as well as 150 handpicked couples who join together to perform a polonaise dance.

10). Il Balo Del Doge, Italy

Photo credit: Antonia Sutter official website

We round off the list of grand parties with the highlight event of Venice’s Carnival season. Il Ballo del Doge is a symbolic masquerade party which was founded by the iconic Venetian costume designer Anonia Sautter, draws a odd range of attendees, from the world of rock and roll to politics. The event takes place at the beautiful Palazzo Pisani Moretta by the Grand Canal.